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Tell us about you (Short, optional bio): About a year ago I found out I was pregnant with my first child. A few weeks later I had my first OB appointment where I had some initial blood work done. I was so excited to be pregnant and didn't have any worries about my blood work results as I've always been healthy. The next day I received a phone call from the nurse asking me what I had eaten for breakfast the day of my appointment wondering if it was very sugary. I told her what my breakfast had consisted of, which wasn't sugary, and she explained to me that my blood sugar was around 360. This initially was very daunting to me, and instantly made me feel very "dirty". I couldn't believe that my glucose was that high. Not even an hour later I went to WalMart and bought myself an accucheck since I didn't believe what it was. The blood work was right - my sugar was now in the 400s. I called the nurse back to let her know. After a short discussion with the doctors, they asked that I go to the emergency room to get checked out. After two ER visits, I was admitted to the hospital for insulin education and to begin getting my levels under control. My A1C was over 13 and was told how severe and dangerous this was since I was pregnant. I was told that there was much higher chances of miscarriage, abnormalities, and potential problems down the road. I was assigned to a high risk doctor and was on insulin my entire pregnancy. I had a doctors visit every week to adjust my insulin requirements, and had twice weekly appointments the last month of pregnancy for NST's and insulin adjustments. I ended up being induced at 38 weeks, and delivered a very healthy and strong little boy. I am still diabetic, even though they were unsure what would happen after pregnancy. I am currently still taking the Levemir and Novolog, with the addition of Metformin as suggested by my endocrinologist. There is still a road of unknowns ahead, but am very happy that I have a very healthy 4 month old little boy!

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Hi Emily,

Welcome to DiabetesSistersVoices.

Towards the upper right corner of the page you will see a Help link.  Click that to view our collection of tutorial videos.  These will explain how the site works.  You can also find site guidelines here:  Feel free to message me with any site questions too.

Be sure to hop over to the Forums and Resources sections. You will find great conversations happening that you can reply to.  You can also share new posts with your own questions and discussions.

It's great to have you here!
~ Karen
Feb 7 by KarenG