DiabetesSistersVoices is an online community for women living with diabetes, pre-diabetes or known to be at risk for to ask questions, share experiences and search for resources. Our goal is to provide you with a forum to talk about your health and health care needs. The voices from this community have been helping researchers to better understand what health topics are most important to women living with or at risk for diabetes and guide priorities for research on management, treatment, health services and prevention of diabetes across all phases of life - young adulthood to pregnancy to menopause to the elder years.

About Us

DiabetesSistersVoices is a national online community of women with diabetes to be responsive to their needs, perspectives and preferences. The members of DiabetesSistersVoices are making a difference for themselves and other women living with diabetes.

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To improve health outcomes and care for women living with diabetes


Through the collaborative power of DiabetesSistersVoices, we will transform research on diabetes to meet the needs and preferences of women living with diabetes.

Who we are

DiabetesSistersVoices was made possible through a partnership between DiabetesSisters, physicians at the Johns Hopkins University and University of North Carolina, TrustNetMD and a Stakeholder Advisory Board composed of women and diabetes advocates. Your DiabetesSIstersVoices team members are dedicated to care of women with diabetes at every phase of their lives.

Goal of the DiabetesSistersVoices Project

The project has provided an interactive, engaging website for women with diabetes to discuss what research they believe is most important to improve their health, well-being and health care to guide the research community in setting future research priorities

How can you help us to achieve this goal?

The Voices from this community have been helping researchers to understand what health topics are most important to women living with or at risk of diabetes, and what types of research is needed to improve the health and health care of women living with diabetes.

Our team has compiled the communities’ ideas into a final report called The Patient-Centered Women’s Health and Diabetes Report - for our patients, policy-makers, advocates, researchers, clinicians and other groups to better understand what priorities in research should be.

What will we ask you to do as a member of DiabetesSistersVoices?

  • Login into the website at least twice weekly
  • Share your experiences, ask questions or search for educational resources
  • “Like” topics and questions that you think are most important to answer
  • Select a forum to join a meaningful discussion with other women with diabetes on topics that are important to you and your health.

Funding Source

DiabetesSistersVoices was funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).