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Newly diagnosed. 166. No meds, using diet & exercise. Oh, my!

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Just diagnosed last week. Did not see this coming. Laid me low for 3-4 days, but I'm now back on my feet & ready to take this on & do it right. Weight Watchers & walking are my current tools. So glad I found this site to help me go through this.
posted Feb 22 in Conversation by Judebug (340 points)

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Welcome to "the club no one wants to join".  Sounds like you are off to a good start! Remember to be kind to yourself 'cos some days no matter what you do, diabetes can pull the rug out from under your feet.  That's when I'm so grateful for online support groups.
answered Feb 22 by TortieGirl (3,950 points)
selected Feb 22 by Judebug
Thank you! I'm at that "newbie" point where I'm overwhelmed by the diagnosis, gathering too much information too fast to absorb it, and accepting that my lifestyle must be changed.  I appreciate & will use your insight!
Hi Judebug,

I'm sorry to hear you've been diagnosed but I'm so glad you've found us!!  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.  We may not always have answers and we can't give medical advice - but we truly understand because we are living with diabetes too.  I'm sure someone will usually be able to point you in the right direction - and we are always here to listen and offer support.
answered Feb 22 by KarenG (16,340 points)
So true TortieGirl!

My advice to you Judebug is to read, read, read.  Learn as much as you can about portion sizes and carbs so that you will eventually (it will take a few months) feel you are in control of this disease.  If you do not already have a glucose monitoring meter get one and test, test, test.  Find out which foods are working for you and which are not.  It will make your life easier.
answered Mar 16 by Donna (530 points)
I also have Type 2 diabetes which is (for now) diet and exercise controlled. I will admit that it's not easy and I get bolus envy, but it is doable. The best kind of exercise is one you enjoy and will do on a regular basis. Change it up a bit if you want so you don't get bored. I love walking on the treadmill. It works for me - well not right now as I was recently diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in both feet and have been advised not to use the treadmill. They suggested an exercise bike or elliptical, neither of which excite me. Find your favorite low carb snacks for times when you have the munchies but can't eat a lot of carbs.

Wishing you all the best! Contact me at any time! I've been doing this for 9 years this month.
answered Mar 22 by DiabetesRamblings (1,980 points)