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What do you hate to do?


There have been some great discussion questions during the #dsma twitter chats lately, and I want to bring some of the questions here for us to talk about.  

Although I generally try to stay positive when it comes to diabetes, sometimes it helps me to vent a bit about the not so great stuff.  With that in mind, let's share our thoughts on this question:

What is the one activity that you hate doing because of diabetes?

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posted Feb 1 in Conversation by KarenG (16,340 points)
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I hate having to always think about diabetes before I do anything.  Most days it is not a big deal but somedays not being able to eat, or take a walk because my blood sugar is too high is so annoying.
answered Mar 5 by Pump1fun (1,770 points)
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I hate explaining that I did not eat to much sugar as a CHILD.  My diabetes was caused by an accident.  I am now T1.  Please let me cope in my own way.  I consider this "livabetes" and I am going to do just that.  For those who think I should be more careful, Eat my dust.
answered Mar 9 by mknicks (480 points)
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The 'thing' that I get really tired of doing is 'always checking my blood glucose' (between 8-10 times a day). I am on Insulin so I must check often. My husband says "don't you get tired of doing that" and I say YES I do--but I must check. So I guess it comes with the 'job'-right!!

And another 'thing'- ha- When I am in the middle of doing something and I 'don't feel right' and I must stop whatever I am doing and check--that gets old as well!!!
answered Mar 9 by pecan pie (1,060 points)
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OMG. Ditto on the housework. And I hate that my sugars dictate how long my workout is. I would love to lose 10 pounds but when you have to eat carbs just to burn them?!?! And occasionally, I end up super high an hour after the workout (and it's not from drinking too many carbs during the work out!!). The post exercise rebound effect. Thank goodness for my Tslim with built in Dexcom. Makes life a little easier.
answered Mar 9 by anonymous
I agree totally with the difficulty of exercising with t1d.  It is impossible to be spontaneous, so all of the planning gets to be a drag.  If I am high before exercise and want to eat, it is hard to figure out how to do that well between the correction and some carbs which I like to have before exercise.  I do not like checking my glucose on a chair lift or when it is really cold/windy with the need to remove gloves to or have to stop to go inside and do it.  CGM has helped with this somewhat...
answered Mar 9 by hanavank (1,130 points)
I hate being scared to sleep. I keep waking up to check my blood sugar cause I'm worried about hypo's. I hate that it takes so much time, it steals time;  I hate that I never get a break, it's always on my mind. I hate having to change the batteries in my pump or bg monitor. It always seems to happen at the most inconvenient moments, like the middle of the night, at work or when you out and about.
answered Mar 15 by Charsosweet (850 points)
sbrooks and TortieGirl

Oh gosh, I do the same thing! I've started suspending my insulin for an hour. If my bg is on the lower side I will also drink 1/2 (4oz) bottle of orange juice before I go in the store. So far this is working for me, however I keep a big bag of gummy bears and orange juice in my purse just in case.
answered Mar 15 by Charsosweet (850 points)
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Just for today...I want to hate you diabetes...the highs, the lows, the fatigue, the lancets, checking my blood sugar 12 times a day, needles, infusion sets, insulin, pills so I don't have a stroke and pills to protect my kidneys, counting the carbohydrates of everything I eat or drink...that's just 10 things I hate about you diabetes...tomorrow I'll be thankful again that I have you diabetes,  to keep me on track and for all the advances that make the treatments available to treat you...just for today.
answered Mar 15 by Tanya (520 points)
Last night I really had a "I hate you, diabetes, and I just can't do this anymore" moment.  I was low and I treated, but suddenly all of this just wore on me and I burst out crying.  I was just so fed up with everything about diabetes.

Things seem better today - but I hate when I feel like diabetes got the best of me, physically or emotionally.  And last night, diabetes definitely got the best of me emotionally.
answered Mar 15 by KarenG (16,340 points)