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What do you hate to do?


There have been some great discussion questions during the #dsma twitter chats lately, and I want to bring some of the questions here for us to talk about.  

Although I generally try to stay positive when it comes to diabetes, sometimes it helps me to vent a bit about the not so great stuff.  With that in mind, let's share our thoughts on this question:

What is the one activity that you hate doing because of diabetes?

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posted Feb 1 in Conversation by KarenG (12,140 points)

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Some days I hate making decisions.  So many diabetes decisions every day, and work decisions, that when it comes down to something small like "where should we go out for dinner?"  I want someone else to make the decision, or give me options.
answered Feb 2 by phyllisk (4,400 points)
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I am more insulin resistant in the morning (as many of us are) and I get tired of having to wait 45-60 minutes after my injection to eat breakfast!
answered Feb 3 by TortieGirl (3,200 points)
I hate having to worry about what I eat and my activity level. I hate the way I feel after having comfort food, knowing I'm going to feel that way for a while since there's not much I can do if my glucose is high except exercise. I don't like that I go through days (weeks? months?) where I just ignore my diabetes and then feel like crap. I hate that I'm not "normal". I hate that there is a big bowl of fruit in front of me and I have to check my blood sugar to see if I can have any (or ignore that, have something, then feel like crap).

I didn't mean for this to be a huge rant, but gosh it feels good to let it all out.
answered Feb 4 by DiabetesRamblings (1,920 points)
Some days I hate having to constantly think about what did I eat, how many carbs, can I exercise now.  It feels like you can't just do something without having planned everything you do.
answered Feb 5 by Pump1fun (1,510 points)
I agree with everything you all have said.  

Here is one that is kind of a twist - I hate when diabetes prevents me from doing something.  When I have to stop during a hike because I'm low.  When I can't eat dinner because I'm too high.  I know those moments pass, but I really do hate when they happen.
answered Feb 5 by KarenG (12,140 points)
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When you can't do housework because it makes you low... oh wait... LOL (Trying to find humor)
answered Feb 6 by DiabetesRamblings (1,920 points)
Right, DiabetesRambling??  LOL Mopping floors always makes me low - so maybe I better not do it anymore.
answered Feb 6 by KarenG (12,140 points)
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i too try to keep housework to a minimum cuz of going low during!! LOL!!!

I dislike when every time I go grocery shopping, by the time I get to the checkout line, I'm low or on my way there!!! No matter what I start out at for a BG,or even if there is NO IOB, By the time i'm starting to load up at the cashier, I'm sweating & shaking & STARVING!!! Did I mention that i was hungry??!! Ha ha!!!

Does this happen to anyone else?? TIA for any tips or tricks to avoid this "phenomena"!!!
answered Feb 23 by sbrooks (810 points)
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I hate how it makes me feel. I notice with my blood sugar is high I get really irritable and frustrated easily. When I'm low it feels like a panic attack. And then headaches that go with the fluctuations.
answered Mar 3 by Asgundlach (520 points)
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I'm kinda relieved to learn that mopping/housework makes others go low, too! Ditto a trip to Wal-Mart or Target. Having to plan for what I used to consider "routine" activities is a PITA...though today some cleaning help me process that chocolate croissant (!!!) I had after my labwork this morning. wink

answered Mar 4 by TortieGirl (3,200 points)