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Wanting a new Pump

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I am currently on a MiniMed 530g with Enlite CGM. I am about a year away from the end of my warranty and am starting to look at all the different types of pump therapies out there. I have had MiniMed for 10 or so years and had an Animas pump before that. I have read that the new Animas Vibe and One Touch Ping "talk" to each other.  As in you can clear alerts and bolus from the meter which acts like a remote. Is this true?! If so, this would be a game changer for me. I love to wear dresses and hiding my pump where I can get to it without having to excuse myself would be AMAZING!

I know that the Animas pump currently works with the Dexacom G4 but have read that it should soon be connnecring with the updated G5. Has anyone else read or heard anything concerning this?


posted Jan 17, 2017 in Conversation by anonymous
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I switched to the Animas Ping pump last year after 15 years of Medtronic pumps. The Vibe does not have the OneTouch Ping as a remote, but the Ping does.  That is why I decided to go with the Ping.  The remote feature is invaluable to me.  I'm not sure why they didn't include it in the Vibe, but that is what my CDE told me.  I've been incredibly happy with my decision to switch.  The big bonus is that the Ping is water proof for up to 24 hours and up to 12 ft in depth.  The one downside is that my Dexcom CGM data doesn't go to the pump, but I read that data on my iPhone anyway so that wasn't as important to me.

There is also the Tandem TSlim pump to consider as an option.  It has a nice touchscreen that looks more like a smartphone.  It is also waterproof though the depth is less, I think.  It has the nice feature of being recharged via usb so you don't have to keep up with batterie, though I do wonder about being tethered while charging.  

I hope this helps! Keep us all posted on your decision!
answered Jan 18, 2017 by jennhouchins (610 points)
Hi -
I love the MiniMed 630G system with SmartGuard, and look forward to the release of the 670G this spring.

I think this is the information you are looking for regarding the new Animas pump - the One Touch Vibe Plus:
answered Jan 19, 2017 by phyllisk (4,500 points)
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The Minimed 630G currently has the capability to remote bolus using the Contour Link meter.  I am looking forward to being able to remote bolus using this combination so that I don't have to keep buying dresses with pockets.  You should look into the Minimed 670G that is coming out in the Spring.  It is a hybrid closed loop and will increase or decrease your basal insulin to keep your blood sugar around 120.  The sensor that is coming out with the Minimed 670G is more accurate than the Dexcom G5, which the FDA has said patients can use sensor information to dose insulin off of.

I am not sure about the animas pump and Dexcom.
answered Jan 19, 2017 by k.kirrane (160 points)
I've heard that the Minimed CGM is more accurate... but the last time I wore it, it was so uncomfortable.  It kept getting caught on clothing and other things and being pulled off prematurely.  What's more is that at the time I tried it, it could only be worn for 3 days whereas the Dexcom was a full week.  I personally prefer my Dexcom since it has a better profile and is way more comfortable to wear.  It is much easier to insert than I remember the Minimed CGM being as well.  

I can't explain why, but I personally don't like the idea of the pump automatically adjusting anything for me.  I like to be in control of things because I know what is going on with me and my body.  Sometimes, it isn't just about the numbers.  I think I'm going to take some convincing before I try the closed loop system.  And I'll probably wait for the Dexcom version because I don't think I'll ever go back to Minimed's CGM.  But that's just me.
answered Jan 23, 2017 by jennhouchins (610 points)

The bolus from the meter is one of my favorite features of the 630G, well, that and the screen.  smiley

answered Jan 24, 2017 by phyllisk (4,500 points)

The Enlite sensors, which is what the MiniMed 530G and 630G have been improved, compared to the SofSensor which was the first version.  The insertion process is much easier as well.  The 670G will use the Guardian® sensor 3 continuous glucose monitoring sensor, which I've heard is even more accurate than the Enlites.  

I do understand that people aren't comfortable with the idea of having the pump make decisions. I personally look forward to having someone, or something taking some of the burden.  smiley

answered Jan 24, 2017 by phyllisk (4,500 points)
I had the G4 for all of a week.  I did not like it.  Yes, CGM is a great thing but to carry around yet another device and calibrate it was too much. That and the fact that I am afraid of needles (still) did not justify having to stick myself twice in the stomach.  The infusion set for the G4 system is being worked on as well.  My CGM trainer recommended I purchase band-aids to cover the CMG infusion site to ensure the site stayed in place.  I decided against it.  Mine came out on Day 5 in the shower.  Again, it is great to have CGM but I will check back after positive reviews of the G5 and try it out then.  Good luck.
answered Jan 31, 2017 by mswysiwyg (140 points)
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I LOVE my omnipod because it's so small && light, I never feel like I'm wearing anything at all, especially since there's no tubing. If you're looking for a switch up it might be worth looking into.  I've had it for four years && I can't imagine using anything else now!
answered Jan 31, 2017 by Erinmakers (1,390 points)
OMNIPOD in mine. Love it.
answered Mar 2, 2017 by ebpope (220 points)
Hi Laura,

I'm using Tandem t-slim X2 and it's the first pump for me. It is supposed to pair with Dexcom CGM (I use the G5) this year so carrying 2 devices constantly will be eliminated. I like the modern look and ease of use. My Contour Next bg meter isn't one of the meters that is supported by Tandem. I'm on government insurance and this brand new device (came out 6 months ago) has to last me 5 years until it can be replaced so I'm glad to get the most up to date system for that reason. Check out the diabetes magazines which have extensive reviews also.

Good luck.

answered May 2, 2017 by lauraj (320 points)