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Closed loop insulin pump experience?

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Hi there! Is anyone using or interested in the new closed loop systems currently on the market or on their way? What is your experience with them so far? I'm considering getting on Medtronics 630G and heading toward the 670G.
posted Dec 10, 2016 in Conversation by jschliebner (470 points)
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Thanks to everyone for all the feedback!

I actually am piloting the 670G now. I love it so far. The sensor is quite accurate, like the Dex. I'm much more in range the majority of the time. My less than perfect carb counting is less of an issue. I'm still working on getting it dialed in for exercise to avoid lows but overall I really love this system!
answered May 2 by jschliebner (470 points)
Good to hear the sensor is working jschliebner!  I got the 630g in January and really hate it.  The sensor just didn't work for me.  It either hurt but seemed accurate, didn't hurt and was NOT accurate or just fell right off a few times.  After much frustration I was on just the pump.  Pumps aren't the answer for me-I need the CGM for peace of mind.  I"m back to MDIs and Dexcom until the 670g arrives...hoping the newer sensor works for me!
answered May 7 by moon (370 points)
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Thanks Taitum, for your experiences.  I'm scheduled to get mine in early June, and am very excited and impatient for it.  My CDE is very excited about them.    I'm looking at major surgery this fall, and I'm sure it will go better being a "flat liner", which I've never been before.

Thanks again for sharing, and congratulations !!
answered May 8 by Tillyseattle (370 points)