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Do you have/carry glucagon?

I recently qualified for a clinical trial on glucagon, and was trying to explain to a non-diabetes friend what glucagon is, how it's' used, and how there haven't been too many advancements around it.  So I ask you all the following questions -- no judgement, just curious. I'll answer as well.
1. Do you have glucagon at home?

1a. If so, do you know the expiration date?
2. Do you carry glucagon with you?

Info on glucagon from the American Diabetes Association:
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I carry Glucagon when I go on long hikes and several of the women in my hiking group know how to use it. We often hike in areas that have no cell phone coverage and it could take a long time to get help wherever we are. I also have a Spot Gen3 Satellite Tracker attached to my pack. (http://www.findmespot.com/en/) It allows me to send pre-programmed messages to my husband indicating that I am fine and giving GPS coordinates. There is also an emergency button that will alert First Responders and the cavalry will come--probably by helicopter.

My Dexcom gives me tremendous protection and I hope never to require Glucagon on the trail. Actually I've never had a Glucagon injection in 40+ years and I haven't needed paramedics since the G4 was released. Fingers crossed that my good luck continues....
answered Feb 25 by anonymous
Just found this EXCELLENT post.

I do have a glucagon kit. I'm not sure about the exact expiration date but I know it's sometime in late spring. I'm a former ICU RN so I'm a tad anal about getting it refilled every year. So, I'm due soon.

I also carry a kit with me in my purse and my usual friends know it's there. Hubby is an EMT but I still showed him and my adult son how to use it. When my latest kits expire I'm going top review it's use with a couple of my friends that have shown an interest in learning.
answered Apr 19 by sbrooks (930 points)
1. I do have a glucagon kit.  Just checked the expiration date - it's only a year past!!  So I'll hang on to it, but this reminds me to ask my endo for a new prescription on my next visit.

2. I have never carried it with me when travelling, although come to think of it, it's probably not a bad idea.  I do have fairly frequent lows, but I'm usually aware of them (thank you Dexcom!) before they head into the dangerous territory.  

Wish I had known about glucagon back in the days of one injection per day of Lente, when I was regularly having seizures from night-time lows.  Thank goodness I survived and those days are long gone!!
answered Apr 20 by bayleafbroker (1,450 points)