DiabetesSistersVoices is an online community for women living with diabetes, pre-diabetes or known to be at risk for to ask questions, share experiences and search for resources. Our goal is to provide you with a forum to talk about your health and health care needs. The voices from this community have been helping researchers to better understand what health topics are most important to women living with or at risk for diabetes and guide priorities for research on management, treatment, health services and prevention of diabetes across all phases of life - young adulthood to pregnancy to menopause to the elder years.

Some guidelines for using DiabetesSistersVoices


As we all connect and share here at DiabetesSistersVoices, there are some site guidelines to keep in mind. The complete User Agreement can be found by clicking the Acceptable use policy link at the bottom of the site, which will take you here https://diabetes-sisters-voices.org/acceptable-use-policy

In general, please keep these Dos and Don’ts in mind when sharing and connecting:

DO use common sense when sharing.
DON'T post anything illegal, harmful, threatening or harassing.

Do keep copyright and trademark rules in mind. For example, posting a link to material is a good way to share.
Don’t share by just copying and pasting material from other sources.

DO discuss information found here with your medical team.
DON'T take anything found on this site as medical advice.

DO expect to learn about experiences of women with different types of diabetes than your own, including Type 1, Type 2, LADA, gestational diabetes and pre-diabetes.
DON'T forget to be respectful of experiences that are different than your own.

DO share your own thoughts, questions and experiences. We want to hear all about your own personal perceptive.
DON'T make broad generalizations or speak for an entire group of people.

DO remember to add some topics to your posts using the Topics field toward the bottom of your screen. As you start to type in the field, suggestions of current topics will come up. You can also find a listing of all Topics by clicking on the Topics tab in the upper menu bar.
DON'T let interested users miss your post because it wasn’t tagged with the topic they are looking for. For more on adding posts, review the Sharing Help video in our tutorial library: https://diabetes-sisters-voices.org/help.

DO feel free send me a DM if you have any questions about our site guidelines.
DON'T forget how great it is to connect with each other, share, and help provide input on important and unanswered research and health questions!

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Great tips and useful information . Thank you!
answered Dec 2, 2016 by phyllisk (4,500 points)
Thank you Karen!
answered Mar 22, 2017 by lauraj (320 points)