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Best Breakfast?

Breakfast is probably my toughest meal of the day, because I seem to be more insulin resistant in the morning. Foods that don't spike my blood sugar at lunch and dinner can really cause havoc if I have them for breakfast. I'm currently experimenting to find healthy options that I can rely on not to send my blood sugar soaring.  Can anyone share your favorite breakfast that is easy on your blood sugar? Recipes and pictures would be a plus!!
posted Nov 16, 2016 in Conversation by KarenG (16,340 points)

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I am a bit insulin resistant in the morning, and have found no fat plain greek yogurt to be great.  Some days I add fresh fruit to it, some days a little protein powder for an extra boost.
answered Nov 16, 2016 by phyllisk (4,500 points)
I love Greek yogurt and sometimes it works for me for breakfast and sometimes ti doesn't.  So frustrating trying to find something I can count on for breakfast day in and day out.  But thanks for the suggestion!!
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My go-to bfast:

100 g Greek yogurt, FAGE Total 2%

15 g protein powder, Optimum Nutrition ProStar whey protein isolate

10 g unsweetened chocolate pistoles, chopped, Guittard

28 g walnuts, coarsely chopped

4 g instant espresso powder

15 ml vanilla extract

7 ml almond extract

0 carb liquid sweetener to taste (Splenda or SweetLeaf stevia)

30 g Chantilly cream

~9.5 g available carbs (I deduct 100% of soluble fiber and 50% insoluble fiber.)

~27 g protein





answered Nov 18, 2016 by brittj (280 points)
I use Herbalife Formula 1 shakes and they are very easy on my Gi issues as well as my blood sugars.  Keeps me full for hours and gives me all the nutrients I need to start the day.  I play around with mixing the flavors and adding fruits and veggies as well as flax seeds, chia seeds and a fiber mix.
answered Nov 21, 2016 by Samanser (230 points)
For me, the best breakfast for my blood sugar is a glass of almond milk, eggs, and some pomegranate seeds. The milk and eggs keep me stable for hours, and the seeds provide a bit of sweetness that I crave.
answered Nov 28, 2016 by anna (2,890 points)

No pictures, but my favorite go-to breakfast that works well to stabilize my BG in the morning and early part of the day is to include a tablespoon of peanut butter either on whole grain bread (can be lightly toasted or left untoasted) or to mix it into my oatmeal. 

Recipe for Peanut Butter and Fresh Fruit Sandwich

1 or 2 slices of whole grain (carbs per slice depend on your choice of bread - I aim for 15 gm carb per slice) 

Spread peanut butter on bread (for a full sandwich I use 1/2 tbsp on each slice) and fill the middle with sliced fresh fruit such as apple, peach, strawberries, or a handful of blueberries. Total carb ~ 30 to 45 gm depending on bread and fruit chosen. No need for jam or jelly when you can use fresh fruit. Can also be used for a quick lunch sandwich option. Yummy!

Recipe for Oatmeal with Peanut Butter and Fruit Jam

Prepare quick cooking oatmeal as directed for one serving (26 grams carb), and mix in a tablespoon of peanut butter and 2 tsp of a natural fruit jam, OR a Tbsp dried fruit and nuts into the cooked oatmeal. Stir and enjoy! About 40 to 45 grams of carb with the fruit & nuts. You can add a dollop of "lite" Greek yogurt or almond milk if you like it creamier. 

answered Dec 2, 2016 by ConnieT1D (640 points)
Yum!!  Unfortunately, I know from experience that oatmeal doesn't work for me - any kind and combined with anything.  But the fresh fruit peanut butter sandwich sounds fantastic and I will be giving it a try!
I do something similar! I make a banana burrito..low carb wrap (~17 gm), 1/2 banana, and pb. I usually add cinnamon and sometimes I'll add pecans or walnuts. This tastes great with strawberries too! Usually ends up being around 40 gm carbs.
answered Mar 3 by Asgundlach (740 points)
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I have never found a breakfast that is perfect all of the time because of the crazy changes in how hormones and other things affect my morning BG. In general I have to eat some carbs in order to be able to take enough insulin to tame the morning rise. If I don't eat, I have to take more insulin to control my BG until lunch than I do with a 25g carb breakfast.

The things that helps me the most is to take a bolus of about 1/2 unit when I get out of bed. I hate to eat right away so this bolus usually stops my BG from going up before I eat. When I calculate my breakfast bolus, I usually subtract whatever insulin is still active from the early bolus. This early bolus also gives me a head start on covering breakfast carbs because it has been active for about 45-60 minutes. The amount of insulin to take for an early bolus is probably related to each person's insulin sensitivity and total daily dose of insulin. Some people take 1 unit or even more.

Most days I eat old fashioned oatmeal (not quick or instant) cooked with a combo of vanilla almond milk (not sweetened) and FairLife milk which is lower carb than regular milk. I usually walk the dog right after breakfast and that helps to tame the BG spike.
answered Mar 12 by anonymous
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I eat the same breakfast pretty much everyday

Almond Milk Yogurt 1/2 tub, 1/4 cup blueberries, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 2-3 tbsp sunflower seeds, 3-4 tbsp granola or oat bran. I sometimes add 1/3 of a banana or another 1/4 cup of raspberries, blackberries or strawberries. I will be adding an hard boiled egg to this to give me that extra protein boost. smiley

answered Mar 14 by Charsosweet (850 points)