DiabetesSistersVoices is an online community for women living with diabetes, pre-diabetes or known to be at risk for to ask questions, share experiences and search for resources. Our goal is to provide you with a forum to talk about your health and health care needs. The voices from this community have been helping researchers to better understand what health topics are most important to women living with or at risk for diabetes and guide priorities for research on management, treatment, health services and prevention of diabetes across all phases of life - young adulthood to pregnancy to menopause to the elder years.

What are the most effective evaluation and treatment methods of eating disorders in women with diabetes


Women, healthcare providers, healthcare educators and the research community can help the community better inform and improve the health of women living with diabetes. DiabetesSisters and the Society for Women’s Health Research developed a report - Women and Diabetes: 10 Relevant Health Topics for Women Living with Diabetes – to bring attention to topics that are of interest to women and the healthcare providers and educators that interact with them. This is one of the topics of that paper.


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Might I suggest you add a sentence or two of commentary next to your PDF link just so folks might know what to expect as to what's in it.  And as a bonus any words you use in this commentary will get picked up by this site's search engine :) .You may also want to cite the article/journal/book/website this came from and its date