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Baby Aspirin for Heart Health

My endo has had me on one baby aspirin a day due to diabetes being an increased risk factor for heart disease.  This morning my husband did our grocery shopping and texted several times for help finding the baby aspirin.  (I guess I never noticed that it's more likely to be labeled "low dose" rather than "baby".). This resulted in me Googling several times to find the exact mg he should be looking for - which is 81mg, by the way.

While on Google, I saw a few articles saying daily baby aspirin may not be such a good idea after all.  I'm not linking them because they weren't on websites I know and trust, but it has got me thinking.  I plan to discuss this with my doctor at my appointment in a few weeks.  But until that time, I was wondering if anyone here has information regarding this?  Have you discussed this topic with your healthcare team?
posted Oct 22 in Conversation by KarenG (16,340 points)

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I've been taking one low dose aspirin every day for close to ten years. It was originally suggested by endo #1 who retired several years ago.  I now see endo #3, who,when going over my prescription list,  told me to continue taking it.
answered Nov 2 by Janis (1,270 points)
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I also take 1 81mg low does aspirin daily. Both endocrinologist and internist suggested it.
answered Nov 3 by Madelyn (330 points)