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Moving One Hour per Week May Curb Depression Risk


I came across this article about a study that showed just one hour of exercise per week can help with mental health.


I found it pretty interesting.  I especially appreciated this quote:

"What we do know is that what they've identified is a very low bar of entry. We're talking about just an hour of activity a week. And it doesn't have to be vigorous or intense. You don't need to go out to a spin class or sign up for a running club. This could just be getting people who aren't moving much to just increase their daily walking habit. That's all."

I like that they acknowledge that it really isn't much exercise at all.  (In fact, I'd venture to say it isn't really enough to help me with diabetes management/blood sugars.). But I do find it interesting how very little movement can help fend off depression.

What are your thoughts on this article?

posted Oct 10 in Conversation by KarenG (16,340 points)

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