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Plantar fasciitis

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I've been having some foot pain and after a run recently it's been much worse.  I did some looking around online and have self-diagnosed myself with plantar fasciitis.

I've held off going to the doctor because I've heard and read that there isn't really much they can do.  I've been treating with ice, Advil and some recommended exercises I found online.

What surprised me is that once I started mentioning this to others with diabetes, almost everyone I spoke to has experienced this condition as well.  But among me friends without diabetes, only one person has had it.  Made me wonder if this is another condition that is more common among people with diabetes.  Has anyone heard anything about this?

And, of course, any advice on treating plantar fasciitis would be most appreciated!!
posted Sep 29 in Conversation by KarenG (16,340 points)

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