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Type 2 and testing blood sugar

Hi everyone!

I'm new here, but I've been a type 2 diabetic for quite a few years now, but have only recently started paying close attention to my numbers. (I'm older now, and I don't want to take insulin, but I also have a binge/compulsive eating disorder that gets me in a lot of trouble with chocolate and candy.) I'm curious to know: How often do you check your blood sugar? None of the doctors I've gone to have ever made it a requirement, but I try to test it now and again, usually first thing in the morning to see my fasting numbers.I'd also like to know if any of you Type 2 are familiar with the Time in Range measurements, and do you pay attention to them?

Thanks in advance! Have a great weekend! :)


posted Sep 15 in Conversation by RaeNov (360 points)

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I pretty much test daily although my Dr says a few times per week if I'm eating the same things. Occasionally I test when I wake up, before meals, and before bedtime to see what's happening. I eat small meals often ( this helps me avoid those binges) so my numbers might not be where I want them to be. I consistently test in the morning on a fast and have A1C testing done. I look for a small range of my"normal" to know I'm on track. Hope this helps.
answered Sep 19 by Madelyn (330 points)
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I check my glucose level whenever I feel sick, dizzy, and sluggish.  However, I am not good at checking when I rise in the morning.  But I do check it a number of times during the week, as instructed by my doctor.  I also have my A1C done every three months.  It's slowly going down, but at least it's going in the right direction.  I also check it when I am under a lot of stress.  I hope this is helpful.
answered Sep 19 by SaritaBWilson (380 points)
I test first thing in the morning most days. Then I test before I exercise to make sure I'm not too low for a workout (I get nauseated if I am). If I eat a new food or make a new recipe, I test after that to see how it affected me. If my morning number is good, I don't worry too much about testing the rest of the day. I test more when my morning number is high.
answered Sep 25 by sakinnaird (220 points)