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How to get on a CGM, insurance issues, Medtronic pump user for 11 years

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Hi there!

I'm a 23 y.o. T1 who has been using the Medtronic paradigm pump for the past 11 years (13 years with diabetes). I was able to try out the first Medtronic sensor when I was younger (and had Child Health Plus insurance). I was also able to switch over to Dexcom because I preferred the attachment of that sensor. During college I fell off of the sensor because I didn't like wearing an extra attachment, but now as a med student I would really like the extra data about my sugar to get myself to the optimal control. I have NYS Medicaid (a managed care plan) and am really struggling to get coverage for my sensor. Does anyone have tips on how to get financial assistance or other programs that would support someone trying to get a sensor? Thanks for the help!
posted Sep 6, 2017 in Conversation by MOrsillo (130 points)

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I am working with a representative from Dexcom and a representative from the hospital that my diabetes educator referred me to.  (The hospital lends out a CGM for a week trial)  They have been helpful with filling our the appropriate paper work for the insurer and the supplier.  I am hoping for better results with their help.
answered Sep 19, 2017 by hbp (360 points)