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Life insurance Options for T1D

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I just turned 30 (diagnosed with T1D 15 years ago), and the topic of term life insurance just came up between me and my husband, especially with me being the breadwinner in our household and the fact that we may try to start a family in the next few years. My office just started offering supplemental benefits plans including term life insurance plans, so I inquired about this benefit and was disappointed to find that I can't qualify for it because of my T1D (not even at a higher premium! I was automatically denied). I have extremely well controlled diabetes, I'm a distance runner, super healthy diet, etc. and it is frustrating that while I consider myself as healthy or maybe even healthier than people I know who do not have chronic diseases, these insurance companies won't even consider offering me coverage.

Has anyone had success at qualifying for a term life insurance plan, specifically with a type 1 diabetes diagnosis as a child? Were your rates significantly higher than a person without a chronic illness? Did you find that you could actually get offered a better premium by getting a medical exam to show that you are healthy because your T1D is very well controlled, or does it not work this way?
posted Aug 31, 2017 in Conversation by lcgiffin87 (310 points)

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I applied for life insurance at the age of 32, when I was pregnant with my son. Up until that time, I had a policy through my employer which seemed like enough for me. After I got pregnant, I decided that I would not go back to work for a few years and thus began the search for a policy. It had been 14 years since my diagnosis (similar to you, lcgiffin87).

I was advised by a friend who sold life insurance that during my pregnancy would be an ideal to purchase a policy. My A1c was in range and any weight increase could be attributed to pregnancy (I was about 6 months along at the time). I was approved with a reasonable premium, although higher than had I not had diabetes. It was explained to me that diabetes would always be a factor in premium, despite how healthy I was, or lack of of complications, etc.

I would encourage you to reach out to a few insurance specialists and explain the situation. You will definitely need to have a medical exam, and diabetes will come up, but perhaps an agent would have ideas on how to maneuver these challenges. Good luck!
answered Aug 31, 2017 by anna (2,890 points)