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Pedicures and Diabetes

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Is it safe to get a pedicure if you are diabetic?  People with diabetics are at greater risk of developing foot ulcer and or infections from ingrown toenails.  Why most insurance carriers  will not cover diabetic pedicures to prevent finger and toenail complications from diabetes?
posted Aug 1 in Conversation by Carolinagirl (130 points)

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Great question.  I have to admit, I've never discussed this with my medical team.  But I have gotten pedicures.  I think the worry is that if the tools they use aren't cleaned and sterilized properly, we are at greater risk for infection.  And as you said, we are already at great risk for foot issues so this could foul things up further .

I'm interested to hear what others have to say!
answered Aug 2 by KarenG (14,980 points)
I get them often-I found a great place that is clean and I trust them:)  They feel fantastic and I get to relax for a while.  Maybe ask around in your area for one that people know and trust?
answered Aug 8 by moon (370 points)
I've been getting manicures and pedicures since before I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 ten years ago this October. I develop thick calluses on the balls of my feet and my big toes. It is not easy for me to keep them from forming or to take them down substantially. My manicurist does it for me every other week which makes it far better for me.

I've heard all about diabetics not getting their feet soaked. But I do it. Soaking my feet while getting my manicure makes taking my calluses down far easier. I don't have the patience to do that frequently at home. At home, I just go for them with a vengeance, but it is not usually as effective as I'd like. I usually do use one of those "sanders" for skin. I bought mine at Costco about five years ago and replace the sanding inserts every so often.

My angel, Holly, is able to get my calluses off.I asked her to use tepid/warm water, not hot, for soaking my feet. She remembers so my feet don't protest hot water and I am far more comfortable. In addition to diabetes, I also have heart issues, hot water is not good for those.

I always bring my own polish, buffers and files. I know some people say we should bring our own tools like clippers, scissors, etc., but Holly is much better at sterilizing metal tools than I am. So, I don't bring those. I have, also, given her a box of plastic disposable gloves every so often to use for me.

My practice of going every other week works for me. I will continue.
answered Aug 9 by arlene821 (230 points)
I have discussed this with a podiatrist I saw several years ago for planters fasciatis.
He strongly urged me to never get one.
I'm embarrassed to say I disregarded his advice and I go anyway.
I know the place I go to is very clean, but he advised that you never know what is lurking inside the water jets.
answered Aug 9 by Cindycamp (370 points)
I feel very comfortable having a pedicure.  As a rule, a good pedicure is much kinder to my feet than going to my diabetes clinic.  The nurses at the clinic are less careful than my pedicures.  My pedicurest knows I have limited feeling in my feet work according gly.
answered 3 days ago by mknicks (480 points)