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Favorite Summer Grill Meals?

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I love grilling during the summer months - because it kind of means my husband does the cooking.  LOL. (Although not really because I do all the prep work.).  We usually do a lot of the basic grill stuff - chicken  breasts, turkey burgers, turkey kielbasa, steaks, etc.  I also do foil packets for vegetables like summer squash or asparagus.  I also do fish in foil packs - usually with vegetables in the same packet.

But I'm getting bored and looking for some new grilling ideas.  What are your favorite lower carb, healthy grill meals?
posted Jul 31 in Conversation by KarenG (16,340 points)

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I grill veg directly on the grates to extract more flavor. Penzeys offers many nice seasoning blends so I can change up the flavor, especially for summer squash. I plan on making some black bean-grilled corn salsa this week, a nice side with any grilled protein. "Beer canning" a whole chicken (I usually use wine 'cos my husband eats gluten-free) gives a nice crispy skin and moist meat.  Roasting tomatillas makes a nice base for a sauce for pork. And a friend grills cherry tomatoes to add to her salads or serve as a side.  Slurp!
answered Aug 8 by TortieGirl (3,950 points)