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Diabetes at the Pool


This weekend we are going swimming at our friend's house.  We always have fun, but it's also always kind of stressful for me.  Why?

  • My pump isn't waterproof.  So being around water is worrisome.
  • The sun is hot.  I worry about my insulin spoiling.
  • Disconnecting to swim is dicey.  Will I go high from no insulin, or low from the exercise of swimming?
  • No CGM.  Leaving my pump somewhere cool and safe while I swim means I don't have access to my CGM info.
  • Body image, both diabetes and non-diabetes related.  I have a tough enough time feeling confident in a bathing suit, but it feels even more stressful with sites and transmitters taped to my body and marks of the ones that came before.
So, how do you handle a day at the pool.  Any tips or tricks you can share?
posted Jul 21 in Conversation by KarenG (16,340 points)

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I don't swim often but that's one reason I went with the Omnipod pump. I can adjust the basal rate if needed and relax. At a pool I simply get out every 20 minutes or so and check my CGM (usually no signal loss after showers or swimming). Snorkeling is a different matter--I just have to leave the CGM on the beach and try to be very attentive to signals that my BG is going low. (I carry sports gel in my suit pocket.) I'd like to learn how people who use a CGM and swim regularly for exercise manage.
answered Jul 28 by TortieGirl (3,950 points)