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Type 2 diabetes and metformin

Type 2 diabetic for 28 years and always in control. I've been on glipizide for my diabetes but three years ago i changed to only metformin due to weight loss and increase in exercise. I usually am very much in control of my diet but on vacation, holidays, or special occasions I like to "enjoy" and then my blood sugar level is elevated. I hav my annual exam with my Dr in a few weeks and I'm thinking about asking for another medication just for these special times. Thoughts and/or suggestions please. Thanks

posted Jul 13 in Conversation by Madelyn (130 points)
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As a T1 on insulin, I don't have any experience to share.  But please do let us know how your discussion with your doctor goes.  I'm interested to know what the answer was, and I'm sure others are interested as well.
answered 2 days ago by KarenG (14,550 points)