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Summer Hydration


I'm not really the best at making sure I stay hydrated but I do work extra hard at it during the hot summer months.  While I like to drink water, sometimes having something with some flavor in it makes my water intake feel more like a treat - which in turn helps me to drink more!

I thought I'd share my current favorite way to get my water in.


I fill a pretty glass pitcher with water and add four Celestial Seasonings herbal tea bags - making sure I chose flavors that are caffeine free!  (That Watermelon Lime Zinger is currently my favorite.). I leave the whole pitcher in the refrigerator overnight and by the morning it results in water with yummy fruit flavors that aren't icky sweet (and full of carbs) or overpowering.  

What tips to you have for staying hydrated in the summer?

posted Jul 13, 2017 in Conversation by KarenG (16,350 points)

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I like the watermelon lime zinger tea idea and am going to try it. I enjoy decaffeinated chai tea and this can be made in the same way. 

Two other less-boring-than-water drinks that I like:

1) Squeeze fresh lemons or limes or some of each into a tall glass. Add no-cal sweetener to taste. My favorite is sucralose such as Splenda.

2) Put a a small amount of unsweetened cranberry juice concentrate into a glass of water with no-cal sweetener. Even the unsweetened stuff has some carbs, but I use just a little and don't have problems. This is available at mot health food stores. It also comes in a sweetened version so make sure you get the unsweetened kind. 



answered Jul 29, 2017 by janmosso (1,460 points)
Yum, that all sounds really good!
answered Jul 30, 2017 by KarenG (16,350 points)