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RESOURCE: 5 Ways to Wear an Insulin Pump with a Prom Dress

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Okay, it's been many years since my prom.  Many MANY years.  But this article from T1 Everyday Magic has some good suggestions for wearing a pump with any dress, not just prom dresses.


Have you ever tried any of these dress/pump suggestions?  How well did they work for you?

posted Jul 11, 2017 in Resource by KarenG (16,350 points)

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I have a bra pouch thing that works good with anything but I also recently purchased a "Girly Go Garter" and it is fabulous!! It is super cute with shorts, skirts, etc. It has some magical stuff on the inside that won't let it slide on your leg either.. It has multiple pouches so you can keep some glucose tabs, chapstick, cell phone, and insulin pump! I highly recommend them.smileyyes

answered Jul 27, 2017 by Cweems89 (450 points)
Wow that sounds awesome!!  I'm definitely going to check them out!!