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Small dose of insulin after high fat meal?

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Anyone else see this article from the Sweet Life newsletter? 

"For the clinical trial on the effect of insulin on reducing fat and inflammatory markers Campbell tested 10 individuals living with type 1 diabetes. Each of the men were given a low fat meal. The next two meals had the same carb count but were higher in fat. In the first of those two high fat meals, the subjects took a standard pre-meal dose of insulin based on the carb count in the meal. For the second high fat meal the subjects added a dose of one-third of the pre-meal dose of insulin three hours after eating. The blood test six hours after eating that meal revealed glucose, fat, and inflammatory markers that were similar to the levels tested after the low fat meal."

Extra Dose of Insulin After Eating May Improve Heart Health

I had this really good reuben sandwich for dinner last night but pretty high fat. I have another half I saved for lunch, so I'm gonna give this a go today! Anyone else tried something similar? Or what do you do when you have a high fat meal? 


posted Jul 10, 2017 in Conversation by Asgundlach (740 points)
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When I eat a high fat meal, I use the Dual-Wave Bolus feature on my pump.  This allows me to take part of my insulin dose before eating, and then deliver the remainder over a longer period of time.  This definitely helps me with a delayed blood sugar spike that I see from high fat foods.  I had no idea that it was beneficial for heart health too, but I'm glad to hear it!

Please let us know how your lunch experiment goes!
answered Jul 10, 2017 by KarenG (16,350 points)
I just avoid the high fat meal... diabetes is not in good control no matter  how good your A1C is unless your LDL cholesterol is under 100,,, blood pressure under 130/80 and eGFR is normal range, you are not in good control. So for me to be in control,, I can't high fat.
answered Jul 11, 2017 by anonymous
Would that be 1/3 extra insulin? So if you do 3 units originally for the meal, you do another 1 unit exactly 3 hours after the first 3 units? Seems potentially heavy-handed, but seeing as my extended boluses don't seem to cover the long-term effects of a high fat meal, it may be valid. Harder to imagine doing, say, for a 9 unit meal, an extra 3 units later, though. I worry about going too low!
answered Jul 12, 2017 by Allisong4 (180 points)