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RESOURCE: Tests to Confirm Which Type of Diabetes You Have

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In a recent post, jcorlette discussed her misdiagnosis.  Be sure to check that post out here: https://diabetes-sisters-voices.org/1577/update-on-underweight-diabetic  As I commented on that thread, I have heard of this happening far too many times.  It seems to me that many medical professionals just assume if you are an adult, you must have Type 2.  While it's true that Type 2 is far more common than Type 1 and LADA, it is important to be sure you know which type you have.

Here is a good article from Diabetes Forecast that outlines tests you can request to determine which type of diabetes you actually have.  http://www.diabetesforecast.org/2015/sep-oct/tests-to-determine-diabetes.html

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