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How 5 People With Diabetes are Rocking Their A1C While Eating 5 Different Ways


If there is one thing I've come to learn about diabetes, it's that there is no single right way to manage it.  What works for one person may not work for another - both medically and for quality of life.  That's why I enjoyed this piece from Diabetes Daily about five different eating plans that work well for five different people.

How 5 People With Diabetes are Rocking Their A1c While Eating 5 Different Ways

They only mention people with Type 1 here, but I'm sure the same case can be made for those with Type 2 - things aren't one-size-fits-all.  My favorite line of the whole page is "Many people will push their way of eating, insisting it’s the only way–but here you see that there are many ways to reach the same goal–health and happiness."  I definitely agree with that!!  


posted Jun 26, 2017 in Conversation by KarenG (16,350 points)

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