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My Diabetes "Game"

I'm not sure where this started.  But somewhere on-line, many years ago, someone mentioned something about getting paid $1 every time your meter shows a perfect 100 blood sugar reading.  I latched on to that idea quickly and told my husband, Pete, about it.  Surprisingly, he was game (probably because 100s don't really come around all that often). So for the past few years, he gives me a dollar every time my meter shows 100.  He won't pay on CGM readings (trust me, I've tried), it has to be a finger stick.  I don't get $2 for a 200 (I've tried that too),

My on-line friends know about this "game", and my Facebook wall is peppered with pictures of friend's meters displaying 100 that they've tagged me in.  Sometimes they tag my husband as well (the hashtag #blamePete has become popular for this), and they comment that he owes them a dollar.  (He says they need to collect from their own loved ones, he's only paying out for mine!!)

This "game" is just a silly little thing we do to add a little fun to the endless drudgery of finger sticks.  It isn't really about rewarding blood sugars, because if it was I'd want more than $1 for my hard work!!!  But it's fun to watch him curse when I show him another 100, and he chuckles when I curse at a 99 or a 101 (so close!!!!!).

Do you have any fun "diabetes games" you like to play to lighten things up a bit?
posted Jun 23, 2017 in Conversation by KarenG (16,350 points)

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