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Packing extra supplies for travel.

When I travel I always pack twice the diabetes supplies I think I'll need. I always end up lugging the extras home and sometimes wonder if I'm overpacking.

I'm away on vacation right now. As we headed to breakfast I felt my pump site sticking out further than usual. Turns out I had accidentally pulled it out while getting dressed. I'm so glad I have plenty of extras packed with me!!

Do you overpack too? Has it helped you with an unexpected glitch?
posted Jun 12, 2017 in Conversation by KarenG (16,350 points)
edited Jun 30, 2017 by KarenG

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I usually overcompensate terribly. But last fall I completely underestimated my bad behavior during a trip to Vegas with a friend and was running out of Novolog.  Hooray for being able to transfer a prescription in a panic to a CVS on the strip or I'd have been in a lot of trouble.  Now I overpack insulin along with my needles, test strips and a backup Dexcom sensor.
answered Jun 14, 2017 by deablat (160 points)
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Overcompensating when packing for travel is a good thing, in my opinion!!

I'm back home now, and in addition to the pulled out site I mentioned above, I also had one site go bad on me.  My blood sugar was stuck in the 300s and when I changed it out, it bled.  So that was another unexpected site change.  I bought more than twice the supplied I thought I'd need, but came home with only one unused pump site.  Next time I'll pack even more!!
answered Jun 19, 2017 by KarenG (16,350 points)
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I always overpack.  I take at least three times what I need and always take an extra bottle of insulin just in case.  I would rather take stuff back with me than not have enough to change my site as often as it needs to be done.  It has happened to often, I will have my blood sugar stuck at 300 and even though it might only be one day since I put it in it is time to do another change.  I just don't want to cut any vacation short because I did not pack enough.
answered Jun 20, 2017 by Pump1fun (1,770 points)
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Yes, I do 'overpack' when I travel !!!  Diabetic Dancia says to 'pack your supplies like you would have to change your pump everyday"--then if you don't that is fine--you will have enough to safely 'enjoy' your travel time without having to worry about whether or not you have enough.  I have been on a 5 week road  trip, I packed enough pump supplies to change my pump everyday if I needed to.  I also had 2 vials of insulin with me.Also I carried my backup long acting pens--Lantus, plus cartridges to fill my pen for my fast acting insulin, AND syringes to use with my vials of insulin in case I needed to use that, PLUS glucose tabs, and extra snacks. I have not had to worry about anything, also I carry an Frio pack to put my insulin in while I travel when it is hot, and it worked great!!!  Also I carried back up batteries for my backup meter, and had 2 lancets with me--one stopped working and I bought another one--always have 2 in case one fails.
answered Jun 20, 2017 by pecan pie (1,060 points)
Oh, pack like you'll do a site change every day!  I like that advice.  I usually pack double what I think I'll need, but from now on I'll pack for a change a day.  Thanks!!
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Yes, I always pack double.  I travel a lot and have had a few times I needed supplies quickly.  That is not a good situation.  I am a pumper but carry back up pens and syringes.  I keep glucose within reach.  Be prepared!
answered Jun 21, 2017 by hbp (360 points)
I too over pack diabetes supplies when traveling, or at least I intend to. There have been times when I have forgotten the extras and needed them. One time I forgot to pack the charger for my One Touch Verio meter and had not packed an extra meter. Fortunately, the pharmacy nearby sold that type of meter.
answered Jun 22, 2017 by janmosso (1,460 points)
I have recently started traveling a lot for my job and I have a specific day trip bag with extra infusion sets, reservoirs, Dexcom, and test strips. I do not take a vial with me during the day trips but always have my Novolog pen just in case. I keep a vial of Novolog at work too. But when going for a few days, I will pack double what I think I need. This has definitely helped me from time to time when I accidently ripped my site off when in the shower.... then ripped a Dex by hitting a door frame. Got to stay prepared!
answered Jun 23, 2017 by Cweems89 (450 points)