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Where/ how do you wear your pump ?

Hi everyone.  I've been wearing a pump for about 25 years now.  I've always worn it on my waist, or on my pocket just below.  I'm getting tired of having that "hitch" right around my middle.  I don't wear tight clothing, but it still sticks out quite a bit.  Wearing it inside my bra doesn't work well for me, it just seems too inconvenient to pull it out frequently.  Does anyone have any tricks to share ?  Thanks very much !
posted Jun 3, 2017 in Conversation by Tillyseattle (370 points)
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I'd like to know too!  Like you, I always attach it at my waist, and I've grown used to that bulge around my middle - but now that I am dealing with some "middle-age spread", I'd rather put the pump somewhere else!  I tried one of those "thigh things" many years ago, but it would never stay up properly, so I've resorted to wearing my pump inside my bra when wearing a dress - although that is not ideal either.  (I can hide it between my breasts, but the heat tends to make my insulin go bad!)  Is the only answer to this dilemma the Omnipod??
answered Jun 6, 2017 by bayleafbroker (1,450 points)
Although my little tricks don't make it that easy to pull out,I am a bit of a fashionista and don't always want to wear jeans (most women's waistbands aren't that sturdy). I have some pump camisoles (from John Walsh's diabetes mall www.diabetesnet.com) that have a shelf bra built,t in with a pocket in the middle -between the girls.I just reach in and pull it out.I also have taken the side bands of old used up bras,cut them off the old bra and sew them to the side panels of new ones.My T-Slim fits on one side, and my Dexcom receiver in the other side. Our bodies go in somewhat right under the armpit so it is comfortable and unnoticeable.  As a a note, I prefer to have my pump and CGM as separate devices so I can hand the receiver off to a stagehand to watch that I "stay between the lines".  I have also found that light weight knit men's boxers are great under dresses, good waistband and not bulky. I did try the "thigh thing" that garter-like thing,but it beecame an "ankle thing"if I was active.
answered Jun 13, 2017 by artwoman (1,060 points)
Unfortunately I am another person who would like to get rid of the bulge at the waistline and don't like pulling it out of my bra all the time although I do resort this for certain clothes.  The thigh things don't work well. I have tried "Spanx" and they are ok for awhile with a dress, but not all the time.  I have just accepted that this is just what I have to do if I want to wear a pump.  The Omnipod sticks out too depending on where you wear it....
answered Jun 13, 2017 by hanavank (1,130 points)
I've only been using a pump for the past year and a half. Sticking it in my pants pocket is the most convenient. I rarely wear a dress, so haven't dealt with that issue yet. Don't think I'd stick it in my bra, it would be very noticeable because I'm small.
answered Jun 14, 2017 by Janis (1,270 points)
I wear a tubeless pump, an Omnipod, and I wear it any number of different places.  After many years of MDI's around my middle, especially my hips, I have branched out to keep absorption good.  I use my arms, my chest, my back, and occasionally my upper legs.  I realize that with tubes, this would be a lot harder to do, but some of these may work for you too.
answered Jun 14, 2017 by ctgirl54 (710 points)
I usually wear my pump on my upper arm but have worn on my stomach as well usually just below and between the breast.  That is actually where I get my best readings from not sure why but it works..  Living it Florida and with the humidity here makes if difficult for them to hold at times but I use liquid skin tac and that seems to help.  Not sure what pump style you have but I am speaking about the Omnipod which is wireless so it may be different then what you are wearing
answered Jun 14, 2017 by Nolegirl53 (170 points)

I usually wear mine around my waist too and I have that gives you an extra bulge. Sometimes I clip it on the inside of my pants so there's less of a bulge... I'm not a huge fan of wearing it in my bra either because I do use it a lot. I know some people actually buy a band to stick it in around their waist and I've also read about clipping it to underwear (if they're sturdy enough!).
answered Jun 14, 2017 by Asgundlach (740 points)
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I wear the Omnipod - and gosh, that first day not having to clip my old tubing pump to my waist was liberating!! I could pee without worrying I was knocking it off my waistband when I pulled down my pants. I could wear dresses and skirts without struggling to find a secure place for my pump (bra never worked well for me, thanks to size A cups! Thanks, Mom). Sure, the Omnipod does poke out a bit, or if I wear it on my arm with short sleeves I get a few stares. But after 15 years with diabetes, my health/sanity is so much more important to me than what other people notice on my body! There are some who are curious enough to ask what it is, and this usually turns into a pleasant learning and advocacy experience where I can explain that this pod keeps me alive (and occasionally explain that, no, I didn't get T1 diabetes because I ate too much sugar as a kid).  I would have to be dragged back to using a tubing pump kicking and screaming! But it's whatever works for you - and I'll also add that it took about 10-12 years for me to feel confident enough wear my Omnipod proudly. Feeling comfortable enough in your own skin and your own diabetes to put a medical device on display in today's judgemental world definitely isn't something that happens overnight, or ever for some people. Whatever works for you is what works best to keep you MENTALLY and physically healthy!
answered Jun 14, 2017 by lcgiffin87 (310 points)
I wear my pump in my pants pocket usually. When pants are tighter fitting I use a nylon case that has a plastic swivel hook that I attach to a front belt loop. The hook can also hook over a waist band if pants don't have pockets or belt loops. This is a little uncomfortable, but works if necessary. The case was not made for pumps. I got three of them years ago. They look like they might have been made for a small flip phone. It is made of heavy duty nylon mesh and the sides are a strong stretch elastic material. My Animas pump fits into it very snugly. My Deltec Cosmo pump fit into it perfectly. The hook is a strong,but flexible plastic and is attached to bag so it swivels completely around which makes the pump hang and comfortably.

Right now I have only pants with pockets, good waist bands and belt loops. I prefer a casual lifestyle. i dress casually 99.9% of the time and haven't worn a dress or skirt in about 25 years. I don't wear a bra so haven't tried wearing the pump that way. I have tried the accessory that you strap around your leg. It made it inconvenient to get to the pump.
answered Jun 14, 2017 by janmosso (1,460 points)
This is one of the many reasons I use the omnipod, it's the tubeless pump. I absolutely ADORE it, for many reasons. It's super convenient for dressing. I like to stick it on my arm or my back if I'm trying to be covert with it.
answered Jun 14, 2017 by Erinmakers (1,390 points)