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Diabetes and The Unexpected

For the past eight years, I've hosted an on-line event for diabetes bloggers of all types called Diabetes Blog Week.  We have set prompts each day that we discuss on our individual blogs.  

I thought some of the topics might translate well into discussions for us here also.  Today for Diabetes Blog Week we are talking about Diabetes and the Unexpected.  "Diabetes can sometimes seem to play by a rulebook that makes no sense, tossing out unexpected challenges at random.  What are your best tips for being prepared when the unexpected happens?"

Does anyone have tips to share on how you prepare for the unexpected?
posted May 15 in Conversation by KarenG (16,340 points)

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Glucose tabs, glucose tabs, and more glucose tabs!!
answered May 16 by bayleafbroker (1,450 points)
Yes, yes and yes!!!!
Here's a question back at you: Do you all carry supplies in case of a natural disaster (like an earthquake or tornado) when you are unable to get home to your supplies? I've been advised (I live in the Pacific NW where earthquakes happen) to always carry a vial of insulin and pump supplies in my purse. Once I got on the pump, I decided not to carry insulin--but I've been told to return to carrying insulin and all the bits and pieces. sigh. However, one day my husband and I decided to go out for dinner and my pump had run out of insulin (I hadn't paid attention, hah). So I had to commit to dinner first and then go home immediately afterwards to refill the pump. Lucky for me my bg's stayed in a normalish range because my bg's were lowish to begin with. I then had to admit that it WOULD have been a good idea to have a supply kit in my backpack.
answered May 23 by Ann B Hursey (860 points)
Ann, I don't carry insulin with me on a day to day basis - although maybe I should. I do always carry supplies for one site change, an extra vial of test strips, a syringe and a spare battery for my pump.  And I have an extra glucose meter that stays in my purse at all time.

So no, I don't carry enough to keep me going if there were a natural disaster.  But I do carry enough for most little problems.
I tried to be as prepared as possible by carrying what I need with me. I have a great bag from Sugar Medical that holds my Omnipod controller, insulin, alcohol swabs, finger pricker, lancets, glucose meter, roll of mentos and the non-diabetic essential, lip balm.  I have another small make-up bag stuffed with sweets like gummy bears and peppermint puffs along with a good protein like packs of peanut butter. I have a third bag with my extra pods. I usually have a bottle of apple juice somewhere in my bag or car too.

If I didn't have to carry the separate glucose meter with me I could fit an extra pod in my Omnibag, however my insurance company won't cover the brand of test strips that work with the Omnipod so I have to make do.

I should have an emergency disaster kit prepared but I don't. I think I will put that on my To Do list for this summer!
answered May 24 by Charsosweet (850 points)