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Link between eye complications and heart disease in patients with Type 2


ACP Diabetes Monthly posted the following article about the link between eye and heart problems in people with Type 2.


Has your health care team ever mentioned this link to you?  Is this a topic that concerns you?  Please share your thoughts!!

posted May 12 in Conversation by KarenG (16,340 points)
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2 replies

Informative article with lots of relevant statistics, but what about those of us with Type 1? How does all of this relate to us?
answered May 24 by Joey (140 points)
I have dme and found that a couple unit drop in my lantus has lowered my edema and has not affected my a1c which is in well accepted range my health team has not mentioned this connection and that is worrysome I will be discussing this my next visit lantus also increases the chance of cataracts I am to believe keeping control will help me with this minefield planning to ask for a med change as I don't believe lantus is a good choice for me and now the threat of increased cardio I have been controlled since 2 months from my diagnosis I have
answered May 26 by DontKno (460 points)