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RESOURCE: Mental Health Screening Tools

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  According to The American Diabetes Association, mental health issues can be a complication of diabetes.  The Mental Health America website has some great screening tools that can help you determine if you have symptoms of a mental health condition.


Do you find these screening tools helpful?  Do you have tips to share for staying in good mental health?

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This is great!  Thanks so much for sharing.  I've been trying to tell people this is an issue, and I feel a lot of times out of range A1cs are a result of burnout and/or depression.  It's not all the time, but I have noticed when people are most likely to be depressed, their A1cs are out of the desired range.  I don't know if the depression causes them not to care and their blood sugars are not as under control as a result, or if high blood sugars for whatever reason causes depression.  Whatever the case, I feel depression is rampant within the diabetes community.
answered May 17 by KimberlyESP (330 points)
Oh I agree, Kimberly.  Burnout and depression, in my opinion, are hard to avoid with any chronic illness.  And I agree that it makes a persons self-care slip.
answered May 17 by KarenG (16,340 points)