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Bariatric Surgery and Diabetes

So I currently am helping my husband with his Bariatric patient group. He had Bariatric Surgery Sept 2013 and made a group to help others that are pre and post op that are struggling or getting tired of some of the things that he has seen happen in other groups like force certain diets or products. It ended up coming down to it you didn't agree with three your post was deleted and you are blocked. It's also for people who are the support system of Bariatric patients and being hat I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer he wanted my help with the fitness aspect of the group. I have so far ran into many Type 2 Diabetics but only a few people that are Type 1. They have either had it already but most are usually just looking into the option. Has anyone here had Bariatric Surgery? Did it help or hurt your diabetes and diabetes management?
posted May 2 in Conversation by fitmomma16 (710 points)
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I never knew that Type 1s even had issues with weight until I joined a Type 1 Support Group in the past few months who now has 10,000+ members.  I've seen a few of them mention issues with weight.  I have heard that it helps with Type 2, and I'd think that with weight loss, insulin requirements for either type would decrease.  I currently have a Type 2 diabetic who asked for my advice on doing it.  I told him I wouldn't recommend it if he's able to lose weight by diet and exercise due to the risks involved during surgery, and the issues with nutrient absorption issue that people have.  If you can't lose any weight, or you're morbidly obese and your life is high risk without it, I'd definitely recommend it, but short of that, I don't feel comfortable with recommending it.  I'm curious to hear about this from others who do have experience with it!
answered May 17 by KimberlyESP (330 points)