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Yeast Infections

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I suffer from chronic yeast infections, (for lack of a better explanation.) I understand why I get them when I have a really good blood sugar spike. But I can get them at the most random times. 

As a diabetic for 30 plus years, I have the common side effect of PCOS. I have had a tubal ligation so I didn't have to use hormones any longer, that help a little...very little. I also had an Endometrial ablation, I still get the random bleeding, although not as often. I have even tried to take live acidophilus but that got expensive with little pay out.  

I do always make sure I change out of wet clothes immediately. I ALWAYS pee after sex (of any kind) and I do wipe front to back. 

Has anyone else had this and how do you deal.  I treat every 4 to 6 weeks when I have a "break out". Any advice?

posted Apr 26 in Conversation by Taitum (790 points)
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I have been to the GYN with them. They tell me it's yeast....but I'll have to question it a little further. Thanks
answered May 10 by Taitum (790 points)
I'm afraid that I don't have any easy advice to cure yeast infections;although during those decades of menstruation, I had them more frequently. Now that I'm post menopause, they haven't occurred.  Over the years I also had urinary tract infections, too. On warm days when I sweat more or exercise, I change into fresh (cotton) underwear. I also pee after sex and also rinse with water from the hand-held shower nozzle. I've been told that high blood sugars feed the yeast/infections. As for your PCOS--I wonder if that contributes to the hormonal mix?

I wash my clothes with detergents for sensitive skin. In fact, I avoid all chemical anythings as my skin is sensitive. I'm on an insulin pump and CGM--I've just read down the feed and there seems to be some good advice for OTC help. And never wear tight anythings like jeans!

I've had type one diabetes fr 38 years and counting.  Maybe menopause is your answer? I'm not a doctor, just a woman who knows how awful yeast infections can be!

answered May 10 by Ann B Hursey (860 points)