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Yeast Infections

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I suffer from chronic yeast infections, (for lack of a better explanation.) I understand why I get them when I have a really good blood sugar spike. But I can get them at the most random times. 

As a diabetic for 30 plus years, I have the common side effect of PCOS. I have had a tubal ligation so I didn't have to use hormones any longer, that help a little...very little. I also had an Endometrial ablation, I still get the random bleeding, although not as often. I have even tried to take live acidophilus but that got expensive with little pay out.  

I do always make sure I change out of wet clothes immediately. I ALWAYS pee after sex (of any kind) and I do wipe front to back. 

Has anyone else had this and how do you deal.  I treat every 4 to 6 weeks when I have a "break out". Any advice?

posted Apr 26 in Conversation by Taitum (790 points)
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I used to get them constantly when my diabetes was "uncontrolled".  (And yes, I hate that word, but I can't think of a better way to say it right now.  LOL)  But my management has been going pretty well for a while now, and I can't remember the last time I had a yeast infection.

Do you use perfumed / scented soaps or laundry detergents?  Or soaks in perfumed bubble baths?  Those two things can set me off.  I need to only use "sensitive skin" formula products or BAM ---> yeast infection.
answered Apr 27 by KarenG (16,340 points)
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No nothing perfumed and definitely no soaking. I'm just glad to know I dont suffer alone.
I got nearly monthly yeast infections for the first 20 years of my diabetes. It was frustrating, uncomfortable, embarrassing, and none of my friends had ever had one. Mine also seemed to happen when I was stressed from work or other things, high blood sugars, or having a sickness like a sinus infection (which I got quite often). So, anytime my body seemed under extra stress, one would crop up. What finally helped me was going on an insulin pump. My blood sugars were just that much better. Using the oral treatment for yeast infections (diflucan) instead of over the counter treatments helped considerably. Tight jeans in summer also were a problem,skirts or loose shorts seemed to help, too. Cotton instead of other fabrics for underwear. and definitely mild laundry soap that is unscented.
answered May 2 by Skoshi (400 points)
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I do nutritional therapy-huge triggers besides sugar are alcohol, yogurt and cheese.  I don't  get them anymore and can enjoy these foods on occasion.  I had to take them out of my diet for a few months though to clear it up all the way.  Maybe worth a try?  Diflucan also wipes out any good bacteria so your body can't fight them.  I did a huge dose of probiotics at this time that were recommended by a Naturopath.
answered May 9 by moon (370 points)
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I've had constant yeast infections for the past 2 years. Mostly due to lack of blood glucose control, so I'm hoping it all improves now that I'm back on the saddle. The only thing that really works for me is Diflucan prescribed by my doctor, but I do try to use gentle soaps. I read taking pro-biotics helps, but I haven't tried that.
answered May 9 by beasparks (160 points)
Good luck! I feel for ya!
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Diflucan is the best treatment for a yeast infection, make sure to take probiotics to grow good bacteria.
answered May 9 by anonymous
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FemDophilus probiotics (in refrigerator case at Natural Grocers) helps me a lot.
answered May 9 by TortieGirl (3,950 points)
I do think this is common. My PCP recently recommended making borax capsules:

answered May 9 by jschliebner (470 points)
Very interesting, I will give this thought....
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Thank you for bringing up this topic!!!!!!  I get them all the time.  T1D for almost 25 years.  Lately, I'm also getting UTIs as well which makes me pretty miserable most of the month.  Recently saw my GYN who stated to use Dove bar soap, avoid Summer's Eve (because it washes away the "good" bacteria, take OTC probiotics such as cranberry or acedophilus (spelling?), wear cotton underwear, avoid thong underwear, eat yogurt, and of course, whatever prescription you are given.  Good luck!
answered May 10 by juliew (490 points)
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I had chronic vaginal yeast infections in my reproductive years, but they subsided as I approached menopause. When I had yeast infections the best treatment for me was fluconazole which my GYN prescribed. She gave me a refillable prescription, and I only needed to take one pill until the next yeast infection occurred. Infections stayed away for three to six months. Unfortunately the fluconazole stopped working for me after several years. Apparently you can build up a resistance to it. The GYN prescribed boric acid capsule inserts which worked pretty well, and I stopped needing them soon after, possibly because I was in menopause by then.

Before fluconazole, I tried prescription and otc anti fungal creams, and vinegar douches, with some success. I also tried painting the walls of my vagina with gentian violet. This did not work for me, but it worked for my friend.
answered May 10 by janmosso (1,460 points)
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Are you sure they are always yeast infections?  I get vaginal area flare ups of wild itching that turned out to be lichen sclerosis, another autoimmune disease. Type 1 diabetes does seem to be a sign of hyper-immune systems, since this is my third auto-immune problem.  I used to think they were yeast infections, but they aren't.  For me, the best prevention is to avoid any kind of exposure to fabric softeners, bath oils, perfumed soaps, and so on.  Treating a flare up involves high power cortisone creams. My dermatologist helped me recognize what was going on.
answered May 10 by brittonk (540 points)
I have been to the GYN with one or two. They do keep telling me its yeast...I will have to question it further!