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Facial hair, how to remove it

Has any one else noticed  developing facial hair after long term use of Insulin?  My doctor said it is a side effect of insulin use.   I would like to find a safe way to remove it or stop it.  I know this is a vain question, but it bothers me.  At 67 years old, it could be another trick Mother Nature plays, but I hope to fool her.
posted Apr 19 in Conversation by mknicks (400 points)

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I've been using insulin for almost 50 years, but have never heard (or experienced) that it causes excess facial hair growth.  I think that has more to do with hormonal changes/levels as we grow older.
answered 5 days ago by bayleafbroker (810 points)
I never considered the fact that facial hair could be linked to insulin use.  I use at home waxing to remove it.  Painful but pretty convent for me!
answered 1 day ago by KarenG (12,140 points)
Don't know about the Insulin but I have natural dark hair all over my body. Have had dark facial hair since about 14 years old now 52 year old.. I use the facial lotion to remove it. It seems to make it thinner and lighter in color. Also pluck them. There also some natural remedies this is a article on them.   http://www.stethnews.com/1213/remove-upper-lip-hair-forever-with-just-two-ingredients/
answered 21 hours ago by GlennaBeaver (460 points)
I have never heard of insulin causing facial hair.
answered 7 hours ago by Stamps1 (240 points)
Thank you for posing this question.  I had never thought about it until now.  I, too, have obnoxious facial hair and I'm 34.  Have had it pretty badly on certain areas of my face since being a teenager.  Always thought it was hormones until now....I know diabetes can affect hair on your head so I'm wondering if it can affect it on other parts of the body too.
answered 5 hours ago by juliew (400 points)