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Top 20 Tips for Living with Diabetes


I came across this list of 20 tips on the DiabetesDaily website.


I will admit that I had low expectations because these "tips" list often miss the mark.  But I thought this one was good!  My favorite was probably number 12, which talked about everyone's diabetes being different.

Have a look at the list and share your thoughts!  Any tips that you loved?  Any that you think missed the mark?  Any you'd like to add?

posted Apr 17 in Conversation by KarenG (16,340 points)

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Oh.  Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised at this list.  

I like so many of them, but #4 stands out:
Find people who can support you. This is your disease, but you don’t have to suffer with it alone. Find professionals, friends, spouses and/ or family to lean on when you need them. Even if it’s just to chat through things to get them clearer in your own mind.

answered Apr 23 by phyllisk (4,500 points)
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Those are all excellent tips! Having a support network (friends, family, healthcare team, spouse) is a great tip. They may not fully understand what you are experiencing, but it helps to vent! I have learned over time that, "When in doubt, test blood sugar" is excellent advice. I can rule out blood sugar issues and move to something else as a cause for feeling weird. Also, being prepared is essential when you have diabetes, have extra snacks, extra supplies, extra batteries for pump, and extra patience for when things are not going as smoothly as you had hoped!
answered Apr 23 by Skoshi (400 points)
Ah, #20, #20, and #20
answered Apr 25 by eklacoste (640 points)
The tips about exercise are the ones I live by the most. Those and "when in doubt, test". I do carb count when possible, and have gotten good at estimating my insulin needs when carb counting is not possible. The tip about rotating injection sites to prevent scar tissue that slows absorption, also applies to infusion set sites. I have a problem with this even though I do rotate sites and change infusion sets and sites at least every 3 days. Scar tissue builds up in three days or fewer, and then takes a long time to go away. When time to change sets, I find it frustrating to find a site that is free and clear. Whenever I have an unexpected high, that does not go down after I pump a correction bolus and/or exercise, I change infusion sites.
answered Apr 26 by janmosso (1,460 points)

frown#5 is oh, so true. Why is it always hard to learn no?

answered Apr 26 by Taitum (790 points)