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What Type 1 insulin is used?

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Dignose with Type 1 on May 13, 2016. The Insulin I use is Novolog for fast action and Tresibia for long lasting. Just wonder if these is common. Have not heard of anybody using these.
posted Apr 12 in Conversation by GlennaBeaver (460 points)

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I currently use only NovoLog in my insulin pump, but before I have interchanged Humalog with NovoLog.  I personally prefer NovoLog, but I know others who prefer Humalog.  For me, I like that NovoLog supposedly works faster by 10-15 minutes.  When I take shots, I either do Humulin R/Humulin N that you can mix and take 2x per day or NovoLog (or Humalog) and Lantus, which you can't mix, and have to take at least 3 shots of the NovoLog (or Humalog) and 1-2 shots of Lantus per 24 hrs.  I've heard some people have had issues with Lantus; I have never noticed an issue.  I have a friend who just went off of the pump, and she didn't tell me what fast acting insulin she's taking, but I'll bet it's NovoLog, and she has started Tresiba because it lasts longer in your system, and is not supposed to peak as much as Lantus can (event though it isn't supposed to).  From what I understand, this is a newer combo; Tresiba, and the biggest takeaway to me is that the risk of nighttime lows have been reduced in patients using Tresiba versus Lantus (or Levemir).
answered May 17 by KimberlyESP (330 points)