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What Type 1 insulin is used?

Dignose with Type 1 on May 13, 2016. The Insulin I use is Novolog for fast action and Tresibia for long lasting. Just wonder if these is common. Have not heard of anybody using these.
posted Apr 12 in Conversation by GlennaBeaver (470 points)

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I use Novolog in my pump. I also used Novolog and Levemir for multiple daily injections before starting on pump use a little over a year ago. Over the past 62 years of life with type 1 I've used many different types of insulin. Right now I'm pleased with the results from using Novolog.
answered Apr 19 by Janis (1,060 points)
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I have been a diabetic for over 9 1/2 years. In the beginning I used Humalog for my before meal bolus, and Lantus for the long acting insulin.  Now I am on the Insulin Pump and only use the fast acting Humalog. Because it is a 24/7 constant drip I do not need the long acting.  Of course I give myself a bolus before my meals to cover my carbs that I eat. I am pleased with how this is working with me.
answered Apr 19 by pecan pie (1,000 points)
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I have used an insulin pump for 20 years and used Novolog for years, but changed to Humalog 2 years ago due to insurance as many others have.  I prefer Novolog, but am doing fine with Humalog.  When needed, I have used Lantus twice daily, but would try one of the longer acting insulins since they are now available.
answered Apr 19 by hanavank (790 points)
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When I started on a pump in 2001, I used Humalog.  Changed to Novolog at some point and it seemed to work a little faster for me.  I am still using Novolog but would consider trying Humalog again.  Actually I've always wanted to try Apidra, but insurance would never pay for it.  I've heard it's the fastest acting of all, and that appeals to me since I NEVER take my boluses ahead of my meals.
answered Apr 20 by bayleafbroker (1,430 points)

When I used Apidra, I still had to bolus 20 minutes before eating to avoid a spike.  sad

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I use Humalog for short acting.  I use an insulin pump so I don't use a long acting insulin.  

I've never used Tresiba, but I have friends with diabetes that use Tresiba for long acting.
answered Apr 23 by phyllisk (4,540 points)
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I think the reason behind some people's sensitivity or problems with one insulin or another is primarily due to the suspension fluid used.There can be allergy issues.  If insurance insists on a brand with which you have problems, that's when the HCP can help with documentation of medical necessity
answered Apr 24 by artwoman (960 points)
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Laddie, I understand that a faster acting insulin, Fiasp, is available in Europe and Canada. I am seriously thinking of a road trip to Canada,  I have a hard time being patient with the reaction time of the current "fast"-acting insulins.   I tend to be very aggresive in my D mgt so slow action is truly frustrating.
answered Apr 24 by artwoman (960 points)
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I've been on insulin since 1979 and had all kinds of insulin, short and long-acting once called "the poor man's pump"-- And I've been on an insulin pump on and off since the early 1980's when a research (DCCT) group had an extra pump, one of the early kinds where you mix regular insulin with sterile saline every day (ahem). I've now been on a pump (Medtronic) for decades and love it!  I'm currently using Humalog, although I used to get Novalog--like another woman said, it's whatever insulin my healthcare provider says I should use. I'm also using a CGM, which is a humbling and great addition to everything. Here's what I've learned, and I wonder about others out there: When I'm down to the last 1/4 of my vial, the insulin gets less efficient, so I toss it out and use the new bottle.  And this is even when I keep it in my fridge. I saw my blood sugars creep up as I got to the end of the bottle (I use two vials/month-).
answered Apr 28 by Ann B Hursey (850 points)
I've had T1 for 35 years.  I go on and off a pump bc I don't love them-especially in summer months.  I just switched to Novolog and Tresiba.  Last night was my first Tresiba dose and I woke up at 400....not sure if there is a learning curve here....I've heard great things about Tresiba and I don't love Lantus so I'll call my doctor.  Has anyone else had trouble switching to Tresiba?
answered Apr 30 by moon (310 points)
I have used both Novolog and Humalog insulin. Seems to depend on the agreements between insurance and pharmacy.  I thought I was going crazy for a while but Humalog just kept my blood sugar in balance. Actually it probably hit me too hard because I had a Lot of lows and false A1c. Never heard of Tresiba but will look into it now. If we vacation at the beach I usually go off my pump.
answered May 2 by eklacoste (640 points)