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First drop or Second?

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When testing BS with my meter should I use the first drop or wipe that away and use the second for testing?  The reason I question it is when last at the endo office they tested my A1C there and she used the second drop.
posted Apr 4 in Conversation by Donna (530 points)

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I have tried testing with the first drop and then testing again with the second drop. I have never seen much of a difference in the results. I often do not wash my hands before testing, which I know is a big no-no. I have noticed that having anything sugary on my testing finger does cause a high result. When I get an unexpectedly high result, I wash my hands and re-test.
answered Apr 12 by janmosso (1,460 points)
Always use first drop. Wash hands first dry off. Then wipe with a achole pad and dry then prick. At first no problem of blood coming out. But from AZ so thin blood. Came to TN in April 2016 and now the blood is thicker so have to most of the time now squeeze to get blood. Oh how I miss the thin blood of AZ.
answered Apr 12 by GlennaBeaver (460 points)
25 years of the first drop! And unless I am getting ready to sit down and eat, I am not in a place to wash my hands (the car, my classroom, etc.).  And like someone else mentioned below, I've been told alcohol can throw off the results, so I don't use hand sanitizer before checking, as it has alcohol in it.

If I'm being real, there are several things I learned in "diabetes school" after first being diagnosed with T1 that I don't do.  Along with washing my hands every time I test, I don't change my lancet every time I test. Who can afford to do that?!
answered Apr 12 by T Crebbin (1,000 points)
When I used alcohol wipes before testing, I found my first drop wasn't accurate so I used the second drop. Using soap and water (or nothing shh), the first drop seems to be ok.
answered Apr 12 by DiabetesRamblings (1,980 points)
I have never used anything  but the 1st drop of blood for years.  Mostly it correlates closely with CGM unless I have something on my finger which raises the glucose.
answered Apr 12 by hanavank (1,130 points)
I always use the first drop.  I would have to squeeze too hard to get a second drop.
answered Apr 14 by Pump1fun (1,770 points)
You know, I had never thought about this question before.  When you are in the hospital, THEY use the second drop.  I have always washed my hands and used the first drop.  But if they ALWAYS use the second drop, there must be a reason.  Further research pending before I make my own decision.  lol  Gotta know why so I can be at peace with things I change.  ;)
answered Apr 19 by bndtnana (460 points)