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RESOURCE: Sources for Diabetes News


I'd like to share my favorite resource for diabetes news - diaTribe.


The site is updated regularly and you can also subscribe by email.  The publish information for type 1, type 2 and pre-diabetes and categorize each article so you know which type / types will find the information useful.

If you have other great sources for diabetes new, please add them here!!

posted Mar 31 in Resource by KarenG (12,140 points)

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I typically stay with DiabetesSisters, JDRF, and Beyond Type 1.  I joined a bunch of groups on FB that were Diabetes-related.  However, when I see them post things about cinnamon curing diabetes, I quickly remove myself.
answered Apr 5 by juliew (400 points)
Great recommendations, juliew.  And yes, those FB groups can be dicey.  It's so discouraging to see misinformation like that out there.
answered Apr 5 by KarenG (12,140 points)
I subscribe to DiabetesPro, it's an online journal for health care providers  (I'm an RN) but it gives the newest information about diabetes and health and wellness. I find out about some of the newest research and medication and treatments available.
answered Apr 6 by Tanya (470 points)
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I'm less than 2 months in since my. TD2 diagnosis, so I have been all over the place with FB & online sites.  I like this site a lot, as I feel I can trust it.  Like the previous post, I have found many of the FB sites to offer questionable info.  The resources I have found on Sisters are what I mainly use to guide me.
answered Apr 6 by Judebug (340 points)

Thank you for sharing https://diatribe.org.  I had not heard of this one before. I subscribed today. I also like Type 1 Nation http://typeonenation.org/  Thanks again.

answered Apr 7 by janmosso (500 points)