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Medic Alert Jewelry

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I know many of you out there have great "bling" for diabetes. I have a medic alert, but recently learned it should be worn on the left wrist. I wear a watch and have always worn the medic on my right wrist.

Does anyone know of a dangle that I could put on my watch? Similar to a Pandora charm maybe? Thanks!
posted Mar 31 in Conversation by anna (2,890 points)
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Once you click the photo icon, a new screen will pop up.  Click the Add Files button (toward the lower left) and that should allow you to choose the picture from your computer.  Then click Okay and it should upload so we can see it!!
answered Apr 6 by KarenG (16,340 points)
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With her permission, I am sharing a photo of artwomen's medical alert tattoo.  It sure it spectacular!!


answered Apr 6 by KarenG (16,340 points)
I hope you all like it.  I designed it - the tulip is like many in my garden (Love tulips - never could grow them in San Diego - was absolutely delighted when I saw them sprouting our first spring in Portland OR.  I wanted the caduceus to stand out, but the words type one diabetes t be more subtle. We all know the bad rap PWD's get from the general public and HCP's. The caduceus draws the attention in for those who need to know, the general public just assume I have EMS work history.  And I love my taqttoo artist.
answered Apr 6 by artwoman (1,060 points)
Try Lauren's Hope https://www.laurenshope.com/. They have attachable medical charms and lots of different types of medical id jewelry for women, men and children.
answered Apr 8 by janmosso (1,460 points)
I have recently considered a tattoo also, as I've never worn a medical alert with any regularity.  (I did used to wear a metal tag that wrapped around my watchband, but I don't wear a watch anymore.)  Then a T1 acquaintance of mine got a small, discreet tattoo on the inside of her wrist - and I've been thinking about it ever since!  Anybody else have a tattoo?
answered Apr 10 by bayleafbroker (1,450 points)

JennMamaBear shared a picture of her tattoo on this older thread: https://diabetes-sisters-voices.org/769/do-you-wear-medical-i-d  It's a fairly long conversation, but if you look on page 3 of the replies you'll find a picture of her fantastic tattoo!!

answered Apr 10 by KarenG (16,340 points)
I wear a gold medical alert bracelet on my left wrist with my watch.  I do that so I can wear fun jewelry on my right wrist.  Since my medical alert bracelet lies flat, I've never had a problem.  I found my medical ID bracelet at a jeweler.  It was expensive but it's lasted over 20 years!
answered Apr 24 by anonymous
Great point, Summerbum78.  I never would've thought of wearing both a watch and medical id on the same wrist, but it makes sense!!
answered Apr 25 by KarenG (16,340 points)
I have worn the basic Medic Alert bracelet since 1979. I don’t even think about it. When the writing on the back gets worn out, I buy another. I've always had it on my left wrist because I am right handed. I was told by first aid folks that the wrist bracelets are easier to see.
answered May 10 by Ann B Hursey (860 points)