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Two Things on My Mind.....

It's been a bit quiet over here lately. so I thought it might be fun to play a little game of sorts.  Let's each share two things on our minds - one diabetes related and one in general.  

Join the fun as we connect on different levels!
posted Mar 27 in Conversation by KarenG (16,340 points)

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Okay, since I asked the question, I'll go first!

Diabetes Thing - I'm really excited to see how technology is moving forward lately.  Snazzy new meters coming to market every day.  Insulin pumps that are taking on more and more of the burden of our management.  New drugs to help us.  I think back to when I was diagnosed in 1979 and I couldn't have ever dreamed of the tool available to us today.

Non-Diabetes Thing - I've always loved to bake.  But lately I've been obsessed with taking things up a notch by learning to decorate cupcakes and cookies (so far .....). It's been fun and I can't wait to bake and decorate some cute Easter treats for dinner at my in-laws!
answered Mar 27 by KarenG (16,340 points)
Great idea, Karen!! Here goes...

I just celebrated the anniversary of my Dad's death over the weekend. He died young at 56 & I just turned 56 last month. I'm a little nervous that my diabetes could cause me to leave this Earth prematurely too.(He didn't have diabetes and died from lung cancer.)I used to consider his age at his death to be quite young but now that I'm experiencing this age, it IS REALLY YOUNG!!!! (haha!!!!) I have a couple of chronic illnesses that if they all started flaring up together, I could become very acutely ill. And it scares me.

Secondly, I'm trying to decide if I should take my sewing/crafting to the next level and open a small Etsy shop, starting first to sell the doggie neck ties and bow ties I make and maybe branching out if all goes well to custom making quilted tote bags. What do u all think?? Should I go for it?? I'm afraid that doing an Etsy shop will take the fun out of sewing and make it a job. My crafting, sewing, knitting, crocheting help me to relax and unwind & I love to make special custom items for friends and family. I LOVE to see the look on each recipient's face as he or she open what I've made.

Can't wait to read everybody's remarks!!
answered Mar 27 by sbrooks (930 points)
Karen, I agree that we have AMAZING D Tech available now in 2017 & I'm soooo excited to see what comes to market even just later this year!! I'm blessed to have become a PWD when the D Tech is making it easier to deal with the day to day management.

I'm glad ur having fun decorating what u've baked but I have a question. Does baking such yummy desserts make it difficult to resist eating more than would be reasonable??? I know I wouldn't be able to control myself & I'd have difficulty prebolusing and my BG's would be very difficult to manage. Just curious!! No judgement!!!!!
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D-thing: My BG is too high so just finished a light yoga practice and am waiting for my correction dose to kick in.

NonD-thing: Going to visit our grandkids (ages 8 months and 5) next month--so excited!
answered Mar 27 by TortieGirl (3,950 points)
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Great things, ladies!!

Sbrooks - I've struggled with the same thoughts about an Etsy store too - fear of turning a fun hobby into a "job".  But it couldn't hurt to try - what do you have to lose?  Sew up a few neckties and put them in a shop and see how it goes.  If it's fun, keep it up.  If it isn't, close the shop down!  And for my treats - well, it depends on the day.  Some days I make have a few more than I should have, and some days I'm okay.  I am pretty good at pre-bolusing, which does help with portion control because I can only eat what I bolused for.

TortieGirl, hope your blood sugar came quickly but gently down. And a visit to your grandkids sound fantastic.  Dare I make a bet that they will get spoiled (in a good way!!).
answered Mar 28 by KarenG (16,340 points)
Karen, that's a great idea regarding the Etsy shop!! Never thought of it that way. Maybe I'll look more into it now!! And, I'm glad u've gotten so good at prebolusing. I struggle with getting it right. Usually I don;t wait long enough & I go high or I wait to long and end up low. But I'm still trying to figure it out.

Tortie Girl, I'm so happy for u to be going to visit w ur grandbabies!!!! I can't wait to become a grandmom!!
answered Mar 29 by sbrooks (930 points)
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Diabetes Thing:  As my 43rd diaversary approaches this month, I can't but feel lucky to be as healthy as I am.  Urine testing, one shot a day of beef/pork insulin, no blood testing.  I am grateful.  

Non Diabetes thing:  I am  happiest when I have things to plan - trips, a blog, an outing.
answered Apr 3 by phyllisk (4,500 points)
I was tired of my Dr. T saying things could be a side effect of insulin.  Diagnosed in 2007 and being 67 years old, I know how to research issues.  He is a good doctor and a major part of my team.  It was hard to tell him he was wrong and provide my research.

It is finally Spring  and I can get outside.  My flowers are just starting to come up and the  roses are ready to trim.  We live high up in the mountains so our spring is just starting.
answered Apr 5 by mknicks (480 points)
This is a fun game!!!

Diabetes thing - I switched to Tresiba (I was on Lantus since...forever)

Non Diabetes thing -  I feel so "adult" right now because I'm researching new windows for our home! We bought our first house two years ago and I'm still adapting to being a homeowner :)
answered Apr 7 by ashabrown (1,160 points)
D thing: Attended TCOYD conference in Salt Lake City--so comforting to be in a roomful of people who "get it" plus got some good info and an opportunity to talk with the Afrezza and Omnipod reps.

Non-D: Attended the symphony that evening with my husband and ate a light meal afterward at a lovely restaurant.
answered Apr 10 by TortieGirl (3,950 points)
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Two things on my mind lately?  Hmmm.... That's a little hard cause I have sooooo many things running through my mind right now.  hehehe

Diabetic:  I am reveling in the thrill of feeling better than I have in way too many years---20 to be exact!  The end of February it was suggested to me that I go temporarily with a j-tube for most of my nutrition needs and see if we could get control of my bg any better.  I have had severe gastroparesis for almost 30 years now and my stomach wasn't holding much in it most of the time.  I agreed, but I was scared to death!  Well, after 8 weeks with the j-tube my hyper #s are down by 11%, my hypo #s are down by 17%, my close to range #s are up 7%, and my in range #s are up 8%.  I am ecstatic!!!!!!

Non-diabetic:  About 3 years ago I began focusing on self-improvement--you know figuring out WHO you want to become ultimately in order to create the lifestyle and reality you truly want and then deserve.  Recently I have stepped up the momentum and am feeling pretty good about the progress I have made this year already!  I have discovered characteristics and actions in my self that are not compatible with who I want to be and the values THAT person will have.  So, I have tons of work ahead, but it is fun, stressful, scary, exciting, big, and growing to a new level each and every day.  

I can't provide the full feelings of gratitude that I feel for the wonderful insights, beauty, and support system that are now part of my daily life.  Nor can I ever allow the option of contentment where I am at to become a deterrent to my growth and progress until the day I can stand before my Maker and He can see I have achieved at least some of the potential He planned for me.  Not that I can change the past, but I wish I had had the opportunities in my life that have brought me around recently to the understand of my own worth and potential.  Where I could have been.  But, I am happy where I am because I am in motion and moving forward toward a someone of extraordinary purpose!
answered Apr 19 by bndtnana (460 points)