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Reasons for Morning High Blood Sugars

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High blood sugars in the morning are definitely something I've struggled with.  (And still do!)  This piece from Diabetic Connect talks about three causes for those morning highs.


I've experienced all three of these causes over my years with diabetes.  Sometimes more than one were at work at the same time.  The solutions suggested here are things my doctor recommended and they did help.

Are morning highs something you deal with?  Have you tried any of these solutions?  Do you have other tips that worked for you?

posted Mar 20 in Conversation by KarenG (16,340 points)

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Yes all of the above! And it makes the day extremely difficult when getting off on the wrong foot. I have been using the cgm system with my pump which has helped but also been a nightmare. I don't always calibrate correctly and am notorious for under/overestimating insulin and carb ratios. I don't have a solution but know that stress is a HUGE part of my problem and then I get stressed when I see that ridiculous number. It's a devilish cycle. Just remember to BREATHE. You're only one tweak (and I mean just a tweak) away from getting back on track
answered Mar 29 by eklacoste (640 points)
I have noticed that if I wake up with in-range blood sugars and do not eat within a two hour period, my blood sugar will go up. And up. I understand it's my liver overcompensating, thinking I'm starving myself. So I do try to eat something in the morning, even if I'm not hungry. Does that happen to anyone else?
answered Mar 30 by anna (2,890 points)
I haven't noticed that, Anna.  But then again, I never miss my morning coffee and a small coffee bolus to go with it. so that my act as a breakfast of sorts and keep me from spiking.
This article is very good, and the suggestions for dealing with morning high blood sugars are all effective.

Personally, I found no solution until I began using an insulin pump.  For the first time in over 30 years, I was able to sleep through the night, and my A1c's improved drastically.  I've not registered above 7.0 since I started using the pump.

I'd highly recommend upgrading to the pump, if at all possible.  Your quality of life will skyrocket, and have you smiling in the morning, every morning!
answered Mar 30 by blueyedblanche (450 points)
Yes, if I do not take insulin when I get up and especially if I skip breakfast, my BG will go up steadily until mid-morning. It takes more insulin to keep my BG in range if I do not eat than if I do. Most of the rise does not start until I get out of bed, so an immediate bolus works better than a big adjustment in basals. I do increase my basals at 5:00am to help.
answered Mar 31 by anonymous