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Diabetes Emergency Bag

Yesterday the weather forecast for the East Coast was pretty severe - blizzard conditions, flooding, and high winds were predicted and power outages were likely.  Here in Connecticut, the storm wasn't nearly as bad as expected but I tried to be prepared just in case.  

Which got me thinking about an Emergency Supply Bag for diabetes.  What are some must haves for a bag like this?  What things should be stocked and ready to go if you needed to evacuate?  Let's compile a list here!
posted Mar 15 in Conversation by KarenG (16,340 points)

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3 replies

My supply bag - infusion set for whatever pump I'm wearing at the time, alcohol swaps, extra tape, good ole syringes, glucose tabs. Just to start. :)
answered Mar 15 by anna (2,890 points)
Great list!  I'd pack everything you said, and I'd add batteries for pump and meter, and an extra box of test strips.
answered Mar 16 by KarenG (16,340 points)
Test strips and your back up glucose meter as most of us have at least twol Since I am on the pump I put a resevoir and infusion set  in also. I also put a vial of insulin, extra test strips. I have a small plastic box I keep those in and can rotate them out as needed. I do not put a new full vial of insulin in the box.
answered Mar 16 by STEWIE49 (180 points)