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Beyond Type 1 Diabetes App

So wondering if anyone uses the Beyond Type 1 app. I know it's just for Type 1s and their family but was just curious to see if anyone else does. Here's a link if you would like to check it out: https://community.beyondtype1.org/share/XxLvUp0lHVu7orQS
posted Mar 15 in Conversation by fitmomma16 (710 points)

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Yes I do! I like it because it is on my mobile...The more I can communicate on my phone the better for me. I think it is for more than just Type 1...I find some good information on it and then some childish posts that are of no need to me but great for the kids that need it!
answered Mar 15 by Ktbrodie (230 points)
I registered on the site and downloaded the app, but I haven't got around to checking it out yet.  I really should, because I've heard good things about it!
answered Mar 15 by KarenG (16,340 points)
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I love this app and the things that Beyond Type 1 is doing for the Type 1 community. Wish I had more room on my phone so I could keep it on there and use it more often! Really enjoy being able to interact and see who lives near me with diabetes, too. It's one of the ways I try to find people to attend PODS meetups.
answered Mar 29 by sarahannemac (550 points)

Oh, I haven't heard of this but I will be checking this out. Thanks for including the link, too! smiley

answered Apr 9 by Charsosweet (850 points)
I look at it almost every day. It's just nice to know that you're not the only one.
answered Apr 26 by Taitum (790 points)
I downloaded it a while back but I have enough involvement in diabetes social media and don't need another app or connection. But it is a great organization doing some great things for people with diabetes.
answered Apr 26 by anonymous