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Years insulin pump and CGM!!

Loving it!
posted Mar 7 in Conversation by ebpope (220 points)
edited Mar 10 by KarenG

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The only way to go for flexibility particularly if you exercise.  The ability to reduce my basal rate helps a lot to prevent hypos in addition to my Dexcom G5.  Dexcom is definately more accurate and I bolus off of it regularly now.
answered Mar 14 by hanavank (790 points)
I've been on my omnipod for over 5 years && I couldn't love it more. I'm way too clumsy for all those chords. It's so discreet and I have more options of where I can put it! Only downside is when I wear it on my thighs it gets pulled down when I'm taking off my pants real fast.
answered Mar 14 by Erinmakers (1,330 points)
I was diagnosed May 30th, 1994 and took up to 4 or 5 injections daily until September 1997 when I got my first insulin pump.  I have used my insulin pump for almost 20 years and a continuous glucose sensor for about 7 years. I can't wait to upgrade when the pathway program is available!
answered Mar 15 by Tanya (520 points)
Been so long I can't remember. Guessing it's been about 20 years now on a pump.  As for the CGM, I remember first testing one out that I had to wear around my neck in the shower, like a necklace in a waterproof bag. I couldn't see any results. Had to take it to the doctor to get a printout.  That was probably 10-12 years or so ago? We've come a long way!
answered Mar 17 by T Crebbin (920 points)
Have been Type 1 for over 30 years; on Medtronic pump for 15 years; tried CGM for a short time.  Could not get past having to "inject" a second needle (and having the alarm sound at work).
answered Mar 30 by dbenn49 (180 points)