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Years insulin pump and CGM!!

Loving it!
posted Mar 7 in Conversation by ebpope (220 points)
retagged Jun 30 by KarenG

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How many years is it?  There seems to be a typo in the title.  

I'm glad you are loving it!!  Which pump and cgm are you using?  What are your favorite things about it?
answered Mar 7 by KarenG (16,340 points)
12 years of syringes, 16 years with a pump, and the last 4 with a CGM too. Love technology!
answered Mar 9 by anonymous
Thanks!!!  I revised the title to reflect the correct numbers.

I did  syringes for 28 years.  I've been on a pump for 9 years next month, and a CGM for 8 1/2.  Like you, I'm loving the technology and I love that it keeps getting better with newer versions of pumps and CGMs coming out!
answered Mar 9 by KarenG (16,340 points)
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16 years with pump and 4 years with a CGM is me, but I'm not the original conversation starter (tinarn2, not ebpope). But it is a great conversation.

My aunt did syringes for 40 ish years and switched to a pump about 16 years ago when she saw how well I liked mine. I remember watching her (when i was a child) test: she would have to time the blood on the strip for 1 minute, then use a little squirt bottle to clean it off, wait another minute, then put it in the meter. That was the 70s. Boy, things have come a long way.
answered Mar 9 by anonymous
Thanks for catching my error!  I've revised the title yet again.  And thanks for chiming in and sharing on this post!!
I have used a pump for 12 years and a CGM for 8-1/2 years. My sister who also has Type 1 refuses to use either and still chooses to use Regular insulin instead of a fast-acting insulin. My A1c is better than hers but not by that much.
answered Mar 12 by anonymous
I have been on the Insulin pump for almost 2 yrs., and I LOVE it !!!  It relieves a lot of pressure for me to figure out how much insulin I need because my Endo already programmed it for me, I still have to make some adjustments but it is now my 'best friend.'  I too love this technology!!!!!
answered Mar 14 by pecan pie (1,060 points)
I have been  on the Medtronic pump for 15 years, and CGM for about 8-9 years. The best thing I ever did!! When I started taking 5 shots a day, I knew it was time for the pump, and I never looked back!!! I have had diabetes for almost 47 years. It let me work nights as an RN with minimal problems!
answered Mar 14 by sister (180 points)
I've been on insulin pumps for 17 years, all Medtronic, and CGM for about 7.  26 years on injections.
I love the flexibility the pump gives me, and features like temporary basal, dual and square wave bolus and such all help me better manage my diabetes.
answered Mar 14 by phyllisk (4,500 points)
4 years needles, 15 years on a pump.  Love the technology.  Would never go back.
answered Mar 14 by Pump1fun (1,770 points)
I've been pumping for 15 years, and using CGM for about 8 years. Love them.  I love the fact that I have to flexibility to set a temp basal rate if my plans change, I can have ( and do have) 8 different basal rates based on time of day and 8 different carb:insulin ratios and ISF for different times of day.  The two devices allow me to saty iwhtin my (self-designed and narrow) bg range about 95 % of the time.  The micro-dosing that I can do with the pump is so much better than having to eat up to a full unit of insulin, or wait until my bg is 150 in order tocorrect.
answered Mar 14 by artwoman (1,060 points)