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RESOURCE: Dexcom G5 Sensor Placement

So about a week ago, I was asked on my Instagram through private message how I place my Dexcom sensor on the back of my arm without any assistance as someone was having difficulties doing this. I thought I would share with everyone here the video I created on my vlog on YouTube for her to show her how. I'm creating this vlog to help raise awareness about diabetes (all types), how fitness can help, and informational videos. I'm by no means doing this for the money as I am a certified personal trainer that also works out of the gym. I'm doing this for those newly diagnosed, parents of newly diagnosed on other websites, and people who want to get into fitness. Diabetes or not everyone can use fitness in their life. So if you would be interested feel free to check it out. I'm going to be putting up a couple of more videos a basic introduction video explaining my certifications and my connection with diabetes and then another one on squat variations using a smith machine.

If you'd like to know when I post the other ones feel free to subscribe. Let me know what you think as well.
posted Mar 6 in Resource by fitmomma16 (710 points)
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2 replies

This is a great video, fitmomma16.

However, I just want to remind everyone that, from what I've researched, the Dexcom is not approved for wear on arms.  Please remember this post should not be taken as medical advice, and you should consult with your healthcare team before using a product in an off-label manner.
answered Mar 7 by KarenG (16,340 points)
Great video. Your ability to attach the transmitter without a struggle was very impressive! I'm placing the sensor on my abdomen and having a very stressful time getting the transmitter to attach correctly.

Thank you!
answered Oct 22 by Janis (1,270 points)